Determine what problems arise in training. Sometimes the cause can be a bad relationship with individual teachers or unsuitable for a specific individual curriculum, for example, too high in the gymnasium. In this case, it is a good opportunity to still obtain a certificate of complete secondary education will be going to another school. But before you find out more about the new school and keep in mind that even the simplest training program requires effort to master. It is important not just to obtain a degree but have some relevant knowledge for use in future studies.
Also if schooling for whatever reason are not satisfied, you can enroll in specialized secondary educational establishments (colleges). They are quite different orientation. After training in some specialties the graduate will have the opportunity to receive higher education in an abbreviated program. Trained in Colleges to have completed nine grades of school lasts for three years, and the diploma received at graduation, gives the same rights as a regular high school diploma if you want, you will be able to change majors and enroll in any University.
If you have received a certificate of General secondary education long enough, you work and you have no way to return to a regular school or go to College, you can enroll in evening school for training in the tenth and eleventh grades. The schedule in these schools is made so that you will be able to combine work and study. Upon completion of the course you will receive a full certificate and be able to pass the exam for further admission to the University.