In schools there are different forms of training: full-time, evening, external studies, home study. Not all schools the student can be asked from any of them, it depends on the permits and occupancy rates of the institution.

Full-time study

This is the usual form of schooling is recommended for all students. She enjoyed the majority of school-age children. It is based on daily attending classes, doing homework, writing of test works, direct supervision of the teacher the success of each student. In this format of study the student spends in school a significant amount of time, and its success directly depend not only from himself but from the work of the teacher.

Evening classes

In this case, all the characteristics of full-time education a legitimate and formal: it consists of direct communication between teacher and student, it only happens in the evening. Usually in the evening studying or already adult students who once had to quit school, but they want to finish secondary education or more classes move from day to evening training when in school, too many children, so classrooms are not enough.


This is a quite unusual form of training, she is allowed not in all schools. For training of the student don't need to come every day to school for his lessons every few weeks or every week at a certain time, where the teacher is with these students a new topic, considering the most difficult questions. To learn externally is especially useful for those children who actively engaged in sports sections or choreographic groups often leave for competitions, or for those children who want a maximum time to devote to certain subjects, preparing for exams and not waste time on everyday trips to school. They can learn at a normal or enhanced program ending in one year a few classes.

Home schooling

This form of training can be prescribed by a doctor if the child gets sick a serious illness, or to select the parent if you want to teach your child at home. The school is not entitled to prohibit such form of education or not to grant such a child. Then the student need not attend classes during the year, he can come to school only at the end of the semester to pass the required test or exams to confirm the level of knowledge and translation to the next class. However, if such child need advice or assistance teachers, it should be granted. Family learning is becoming increasingly popular among some parents who believe that schooling kills creativity in their children, teaches to obey the system, breaks the psyche of the child. However, to the parent to educate their children for 11 years is problematic, typically, these families are using educational sites, services, Tutors or invited to house school teachers.