The norm

It should be noted occasions when the wearing of the representative of the stronger sex women's clothing is not out of the ordinary fact. These include those cases where a article of clothing designed for girls, but rather can be attributed to the style of "unisex". Loose jeans and oversized t-shirt may not look like a hundred percent female.
Seeing the young man in such clothes, others may not even guess that he bought them in ladieswear.

It happens that the guys with irregular shape clothing with female pattern sits better. So they prefer to try on items of clothing for the girls, if they look almost like men. Empire waist, somewhat wide hips for a man narrow shoulders – all these features of the physique can push a young man shopping in a nearby from the men's Department.

There are men who choose women's clothing because it is more fitting. The question here is, of course, is not about dresses and skirts, and shirts, suits and shirts. Some metrosexuals find clothes for men too brutal. So they are looking for versatile clothing that emphasizes a figure.

Also considered normal if the man is wearing compression underwear – stockings, socks and tights from medical hosiery. Some diseases, such as varicose veins, require special care and wear professional clothing that is traditionally considered feminine.

Women's scarves, hats and glasses can look defiantly at the young man. However, if the rest of his wardrobe is entirely male, wearing women's accessories allowed. Such additions resorted to creative person of the stronger sex, as well as the already mentioned metrosexuals.
It happens that guys buy some items of women's jewelry, for example, a bright watch with silicone strap or bracelets in ethnic style.


There are men who openly wear women's clothing: dresses, skirts, blouses and high heel shoes. In addition to such items of clothing they can do my nails and makeup and wear a wig. This behavior in society may be considered abnormal. Sometimes transvestites are called perverts and even write in mentally ill individuals.

Some young people are excited by the fact that wear lingerie: panties, bra, and stockings or tights. In this way they can go home, and sometimes leave women's lingerie under male clothes, and so out into the street. It is impossible to call it a perversion, although some members of society say so.