Many Housewives are accustomed to using a purchased baking powders, even assuming that it's just a mixture of food of carbonates (soda) and lemon or the fault of the acid. For its preparation you need to know the correct proportions, you get the baking powder is no worse than purchase.

Homemade baking powder

The action of baking powder is the result of the oxidation reaction of the carbonate and produces carbon dioxide which raises the dough in the baking process and makes it loose. That is the usual baking soda by itself is a great baking powder, and if it is connected in the correct ratio with the oxidizer, you get a so-called baking powder.

In order to prepare the leaven for the future and use as needed, you will need opaque dark jar to store in order to protect the future composition from exposure to light. Does 12 teaspoons of flour, which acts as the emulsifier. They added 5 teaspoons of baking soda and 3 teaspoons of citric acid. Then stir it with a wooden stick, not metal to avoid oxidation of the metal). The resulting powder was stored in a dry, dark place. As needed in the dough added a couple of spoonfuls of the composition.

Quick baking powder

If the situation is such that in advance of baking powder did not care, but to bake something really want, you can take advantage of fast baking powder, familiar to every woman - or rather, slaked soda. Evolution reaction carbon dioxide is recreated the same as regular baking powder. The only difference is that it is instantaneous and bake immediately. One teaspoon of soda extinguished by vinegar. Regular vinegar you can substitute Apple cider or wine. If you fry the cakes on kefir, it is possible to do without damping, because the yogurt itself has a high acidity and gives a similar reaction when you add baking soda.

The basic principle of the use of baking soda - it must undergo an oxidation reaction, which will release carbon dioxide and simultaneously neutralizes the specific taste of soda. But we should remember that the dry baking powder is suitable for any test and regardless of when it will be used, and the dough is hydrated with soda must be baked immediately as the oxidation reaction has already started.