The definition of marriage and its purpose

A marriage is legally registered marriage without intention to establish a family. It's a fake marriage, which can be created for different reasons. Quite often a marriage of convenience created in order to obtain citizenship. One spouse wants to become a citizen of a country, so it pretends that it wants to bind the family ties.

Another common cause of signing a marriage – getting real estate. Someone from the couple claims to be living space to your "halves" and pretends that he feels for her true feelings.

Some women marry only to become independent from their parents. In fact, they don't need a family, so such alliances are also considered fictitious.

In the twentieth century among Hollywood actors were common so-called "lavender marriages". Such bogus unions was to hide the homosexual orientation of one of the spouses, which could hurt his reputation or career.

Some dummy marriages are made by mutual agreement of the spouses, and sometimes the husband or the wife hides her true intentions. It turns out that one of them dreams of a real family, and the second only thinks about their own benefit.

In any case, all the marriages which are concluded for the sake of selfish goals, be void. Sham marriages – it's just the family on paper. But such a marriage can turn into a real. If the spouses begin to live together, maintain a common household, have children, then they can already be called a real husband and wife.

Sham marriages and the law

On the territory of the Russian Federation act article 170 of the Civil code and article 27 of the Family code, according to which fictitious marriage is absolutely null marriages. After identifying such marriages, they are void from the moment of registration. If the couple entered into the Union, managed to create a real family until the trial, their marriage is valid.

In Ukraine is not subject to administrative or criminal liability for sham marriages. If suddenly there is a disagreement, the marriage is void. The cheated spouse has the right to try to recover the moral and material damage.

In Belarus there is a law by which all sham marriages become apparent not later than six months after their conclusion. Recently in the Republic was much less statements on marriages with foreigners.