Cold pressed technology

Sunflower seeds, selected for the production of vegetable oil, first completely cleaned from the husk. The next step — pressing the seeds at temperatures up to 50oC. When this occurs, the allocation of oil. This process is cold pressing. The result is a most valuable and healthy oil. However, the product yield is small and reaches only 30 percent of the total mass of seeds. But in the natural product retains all the beneficial vitamins.

Oil extraction

Not all the oil is squeezed from seeds in a cold way. After cold-pressed cake is subjected to the next step — extraction with gasoline. The resulting process product purify and deodorize, getting food refined oil. However useful it is difficult to call.

Natural vegetable oil

The oil obtained by cold pressing, is a natural pure product. It has a rich orange color and a pronounced smell of sunflower seeds. The oil itself is a bit muddy and opaque. The storage of the oil, the valid formation of muddy sediment at the bottom of the container. This is not a sign that the product is spoiled, on the contrary, it contains healthy substances. The appearance of sediment is a natural process for the oil obtained by the considered. Natural plant little spoils quickly. Over time, it begins to taste bitter.

Bright color sunflower oil adds vitamin a, is part of it. Refined transparent enough, the process of clarification, thus the vitamin is completely removed. This again confirms the fact that good for the body it brings a natural product that contributes to the normalization of view, fat metabolism, stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract, prevention of heart disease, slowing the aging process.

The downside of sunflower oil obtained through cold pressing, is that when frying, the product is highly foaming and burning. Therefore, you should not use it as salad dressings or additives to cereals.

Cold pressed is subjected to not only the sunflower. Any vegetable oil can be obtained in this manner: olive, sesame, flax, corn. Therefore, choosing oil in the store, always look carefully at the label.