There are women, of which make a good housewife. They will always receive a hot dinner, bake a delicious cake at the weekend, give birth to the man child. This women-weekdays. They have the right to rebuke and to educate her man. In return for their care, love and attention required return.

And there are women who are glad to see man at any time of the day, whether it's night or early morning. They will always greet a loved one with a smile on his face, ask his business, listen carefully and don't ask too many questions. This women is the holidays. In contrast to the "everyday life" they do not require anything in return.

Who is this woman-holiday

One glance at a woman in the heart, comes the spring. This woman wants to give flowers, dedicate poems and run for it at the end of the world. It is memorable as the occasion.

Women the holidays often become mistresses of married men. Playing on the contrast with his wife, waiting at home, a woman gets what the man wants to see her more often. She will listen to the man, encourage, understand and support. Will not be imposed with the conversations and will not bother with requests to do something. A woman generally will not ask for anything.

The woman-a holiday not deny the man close even in the absence of desire. In the first place the desires of men, and then their own. The lack of gifts and flowers is not a reason for reproach. Conflicts with a woman are virtually eliminated.

Who is this woman-a holiday? In short, it's a woman, very devoted to the man. The man with the woman-a holiday, he feels like a king near her. His every desire will be fulfilled and forgiven.

As the wife to become a "holiday" for my husband

Female holiday can be not only a lover but a wife. And this does not have to be a "slave" of his men. As always a good happy medium. Kind of woman-output in-built how drab with requests, reminders, nagging, and routine, and weekend fun, gossip and games.

Even the usual cleaning of the house can be turned into an exciting experience. Need to paint an equivalent duty for each spouse to fulfill at speed, not forgetting about the quality of the work. Who will take that prize or the fulfillment of a wish.

A "holiday" in the output will not bother a man and at the same time will give the opportunity to relax from the "everyday life".