To borrow

If you urgently need money, you can borrow money from relatives and friends. Of course, a lot to borrow will not work, and not everyone has someone close is free money, but it's better to ask than to suffer doubts. If the amount is large enough, it is possible to borrow money from several people. Thus, the chance of rejection will be much lower since the amount is not very large. The advantage of this loan is that you will not need to pay interest. However, debt will need to return in time, otherwise the relationship will be damaged and recover them will be very difficult.

A Bank loan

If relatives and friends refused to help, you can try to take a Bank loan. However, in this case you will need to collect a lot of documents and a pledge to leave your property. It is important to remember that banks can refuse the loan if a person has a bad credit history. A huge disadvantage of the relationship with the Bank is a large percentage on the loan. Also make a certain amount of money will need monthly, delayed payment penalty.


When you urgently need money and the loan was denied, you should contact the pawn shop. However, in this case you will need to mortgage the property, decoration. The disadvantage of such a loan is the huge interest and a great risk of losing the collateral. But the advantages of this method of obtaining the required amount is also available. So, completely uninteresting Lombard credit history of the borrower, the money is available very quickly, require minimal paperwork.

Credit unions

Credit unions ready to give funds almost any purpose: medical treatment, education, purchasing home appliances and so on. The collateral for the loan may be a car, real estate, furniture. Credit unions have several advantages over banks. They are more humane attitude to borrowers. So, in case of a delay of payment on the loan, the borrower needs only to report its cause that it had not invoked the penalties for a certain period. It may be a week, in some cases 1.5 months.

Loan at work

If a person is valued at work, he may appeal to the Director with a request to give him a loan at wages. Of course, he will have to sign some documents, but in this case he will not have to pay interest and the debt will be able to pay quickly, it will simply be deducted from wages.