Best quality: the traditional "gentleman's set"

Even for frivolous girls who love to flirt, often of great importance such as the ability to be faithful. Man, sometimes it is enough just to reflect on the beauty of a passing girl or stare at her, and now his girlfriend is already jealous and finds a place for himself, drawing in the imagination of the picture of infidelity. It is important to note that women's infidelity often is not only intercourse, but even that the man loved another, and began to lead her questionable correspondence.

How is the quality of responsibility is also very highly regarded. If a man easily makes promises and does not fulfill them, and unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions, it is not too easy to please a girl. Particularly difficult the absence of this quality is perceived in case the woman really serious relationship, wants to start a family and realizes that a man cannot be trusted neither his pregnant wife nor child care, and hoped that he'd at least buy food on the way home, too, is not necessary.

Girls often like confident guys. This is the secret that often the "bad guys" are much more popular than smart, but very shy good boy. Of course, going to extremes is not: the best option is a quiet confidence, backed by steadiness and sobriety of judgment.

What women like in men

Strong guys always are highly valued, but this does not mean that girls do not like romance. If the man gentle, affectionate, romantic, satisfied, moonlit walks and candlelit dinners, makes nice compliments, he has a great chance to win the heart of women, especially young and dreaming of a beautiful courtship.

The mind is usually a natural trait. But reading it is possible to develop. A man who can tell many interesting things or to explain to a woman something that she can't understand, becomes a conqueror of hearts, and a reason for pride. The main thing is not to overreact and not become a nerd because those guys are often more tolerated than loved.

Finally, girls often like in men such quality as generosity. Not necessarily to spend on your beloved lot of money just to be able to spend it properly and not skimp. Often better to make small pleasant surprises than every two years to present a bouquet of roses, risking to hear the logical question: "What have you done?"