What is baby cream

Children's cream began a long time ago. Earlier, it consisted of animal and vegetable oils and aromatic ingredients on a natural basis. Modern baby cream is made of several types of fats, biologically active additives and a small amount of water.

So, part of moisturizing baby cream today may include extracts of chamomile, calendula and succession, mineral oil and vitamins. Due to such substances, this product soothes the skin and relieves irritation.
Protective cream may also contain special UV filters that protect baby's skin from the negative effects of solar radiation.

Is it possible to use baby cream for adults

Baby cream no coincidence has the same name, because it was developed by professionals specially for delicate and sensitive skin of babies. As the skin cells divide and are updated extremely fast, it needs an additional protective layer on the surface, which creates based on glycerin or lanolin cream.

Regeneration, level of acidity and hydration of the skin of an adult is quite different, because on its surface is the impressive layer of dead, dehydrated cells. So when using baby oil on the surface creates a thin protective film, and a shell, which can be very slow, if not stop the metabolic processes of the epidermis.

As a result of prolonged use of baby cream the skin of the adult person first looks more smooth, soft and hydrated. However, after some time can begin a serious problem, because fat cream clogs the skin cells and gives out accumulated body toxins. As a result of inflammation, allergic reactions and pimples.
However, there are times when baby cream helps to solve some skin problems. For example, it is useful to smear the areas in the corners of the mouth, if there was a so-called zaedy.

That is why cosmetologists recommends that adults refrain from using baby cream and find other funds based on the age and condition of the skin. Cream is better to leave in the Armory of the child and not use it constantly, and very rarely and in extreme cases, for example, you can sometimes wet them severely chapped skin of the hands or body. Face cream it is better not to apply, especially as anti-aging tools.