Advice 1: What to do with the shell Easter eggs: burn, bury or keep

Crunchy Easter eggs-believers behave differently. One without a bit of hesitation throw it in the bin, others carefully buried in the ground, others pompous burn, and the fourth and is stored in the building as a Church sanctuary.
What to do with the shell Easter eggs: burn, bury or keep

The opinion of the Church

As explained by the majority of Orthodox priests, the sprinkling of Holy water (sanctification) of all sorts of products for Easter and other Church holidays does not turn them into some kind of Shrine. Similarly, do not become shrines packages, glassware and other things, which are droplets of Holy water at the time of sprinkling her father.

Bringing products to the Church for the sanctification of believers so please help God in his work, which is ultimately the availability of these products on a family table. Leaving part of the consecrated food in the temple, Orthodox donate it to the poor, thereby bestowing charity. In Christianity, charity is considered one of the great virtues.

Is it possible to throw the shell from the consecrated eggs

Shells of Easter eggs should be treated as ordinary. That is, it can be safely thrown in the trash. No divine punishment for not follow it.

If you are still in doubt in the opinion of the priests, can you give an Easter egg shells and other remnants of a festive meal in the forest, and there they buried or burned.

The stickers on the eggs with the image of the mother of God and Christ is another dilemma that haunts many believers. Shells with such labels to be thrown should not be. It can be attributed to the Church, where it is disposed of in a special way. Also it can burn on its own, and the ashes subsequently buried in the ground.

Advice 2: What to do in the Church

For many believers in our country the Church is a sacred place. As in any other public place, in the Church there are certain standards and rules of conduct to which everyone should. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do in the Church how to behave correctly, etc.
What to do in the Church

Before heading to Church, to dress decently and modestly. The most preferred will be dark and quiet tone in clothing. Skirt or dress must be of sufficient length - not above the knee. Lip women should not paint, so as to kiss the cross or icon painted lips obscene.

To enter the Church you should calmly and quietly, with reverence. Before entering the Church should be the sign of the cross and read a special prayer. However, if you one don't know, "our father." You can just cross your fingers, saying, "Lord, have mercy."
When entering a Church men should uncover the head. Women, conversely, need to wear a hat or cover your head with a handkerchief. Entering the Church, find a place without fuss and let us make three prostrations towards the altar. If the temple is a service, men become on right side, and women on the left. If you visited a Church in a time when service there, you can go to the icon that stands in the center of the temple. It is necessary twice to the cross and to kiss the lower part of the icon. Then you need more time to cross.

The most important place in the Church is the altar. There allowed only the priests and those of the male sex, whom the priest has blessed. Women go to the altar is strictly prohibited.

Candle for the health must be put before the icons of saints. If you put a candle for the repose of the souls of the dead, that in every Church there is the burial Canon. It's recognizable by the small cross, which it is. A candle you can put any hand to be baptized, it should be just right.

To be baptized, being on bended thus the head is needed when you have a realization: the cross, the way of the Holy gospel, the Holy chalice. Only to lay his head, not once and it is possible when you: bless, hand, autumn candles, burn incense. If you have any questions, please contact the priest (not during service).

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