Aspic is a traditional dish of the holiday feast. To properly prepare it, you need to know a few subtleties of this process. One of them is the cooking time of the jelly.

After all, if its not up tocooking, the meat will not separate from the bone, and the liquid will harden as it should. If you cook the jelly for too long, it evaporated much of the liquid. The jelly in the cooking process in any case can not add water, as this will affect its freezing, it can remain liquid.

Immediately pour the desired amount of water and cook the optimal amount of time.

Jelly "Assorted"

Many have tried pork jelly. This recipe is quite common. Jelly "Assorted" is even more delicious due to the fact that it contains 3 varieties of meat. Cook jellied three kinds of meat need a little less than just pork. Jelly boil 6-6. 5 hours, and "Assorted" - 5.
- 1 pork shank;
- 1 beef shank;
- 1 chicken leg quarter;
- 1 onion;
- 1 carrot;
- 5 peppers and peas;
- 5 Bay leaves;
- 1 head of garlic;
- salt – to taste.

First, all the meat is well washed, then lay it in a pan, pour water and leave like this for an hour. During this time, the blood goes into the water. Then the water is drained, the meat is again washed.

Now to the "Cuts" need to add all recipe ingredients except the garlic and salt and place the pan on a high heat. Water poured so that it was 5 cm above the meat.

As soon as the broth starts to boil, spoon off all the foam and do the minimum fire. To the less liquid has evaporated, cover the container with a lid.

An hour until tender add salt to the broth. In the meantime, you can finely chop the garlic or squeeze it through chesnokodavilku.

Making jelly

Five hours have passed, so it's time to shut down and cool the jelly. During this time, the meat perfectly cooked, the bones have given their gelling agents broth. Here jellied beef and pork should be cooked longer, at least six hours. Sometimes this process takes 6.5 hours, if the broth is still pork head.

"Cuts" has cooled, separated the meat from the bones, the bones thrown away and the meat cut quite small. You will need to add the chopped garlic and mix well.

Put in a special tray or jelly in a round glass bowl meat. Who likes, can put it a little more, and on top, pour a little warm broth. When it cools down, put it overnight to harden in the refrigerator. You can put on the bottom slices of carrots, greens, and when the jelly hardens, dip the bottom and sides of the cookware in warm water for a few seconds, cover with a large plate and carefully turn her to jelly.

Cook jelly long enough, so it is better to allocate for this weekend, e.g. Saturday. While he is 5-6. 5 hours cooked, you can go about your business. Frozen jelly serve on Sunday.