You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Carefully inspect the package from the drive, get her license key. If such it is, then find it on the disc itself. Copy it in Notepad and insert the disc in the drive. If the license was purchased via the Internet, the key you had to send an e-mail. In this case, run your distribution disk by clicking on the icon Autorun.exe.
In the on-screen game menu, select setup. Select the desired directory, execute the installation according to the instructions of the menu items. The license key may be required prior to start of installation, but not always.
Run the installed game from your desktop or from the programs list, pre-connect the Internet connection (it is a prerequisite for activation). Click in the box that appears, click "Continue" and wait until the program completes the necessary steps.
If you failed to register the system as described above, you still have at least two options. The first of them - the activation of the software on the official website. To do this, open the link and enter the license key disk in the appropriate field. Will receive a key to activate the game, which will be automatically generated by the system.
Enjoy sending SMS messages if you have no access to the Internet. Menu, activate an alternative way and go to the SMS tab. Send the specified system message to the number written in the window of the activator and copy the output in the response message code.