Cooking hash is time consuming and requires patience. But to cook hash on the occasion of major holidays – the perfect solution.

Real Armenian hash is made from tripe and cow feet, and legs are only the front.

For cooking we need two legs (can be pork) and cow's tail (which, by the way, in European countries, is the most expensive part of the cow's carcass).

And now we begin to prepare the hash:

• Wash feet, will scrape, Armalite them again will scrape, and pour hot water. Let them soak for two hours. After again, scrape, cut hooves, and pour the water for another half an hour.

• Tail cut into chunks and cover with cold water. Every half hour don't forget to change the water.

• Take two pans that each of them could pour 5 liters of water. One of them, place the legs and the other is everything else. Put on the stove. Once the water is boiling, reduce heat and note the time. After half an hour remove both pans from heat, and pour the broth.

• Wash thoroughly the pan. Throw in all the meat, pour fresh water and put again on the stove. When the water boils, put the flame on low so the water is not boiling, and leave the soup, four hours to stew.

• Four hours later, refill water, and cook for about another three to four hours.

• For a half hour until ready to add two unpeeled onions. Need to add salt just before serving.

• If You don't like fat, then cool the finished broth to remove the slightly congealed fat. But do not forget before serving, the broth re-heated.

• Meat in the finished soup very easily detaches from the bones. Separate the meat, cut it into smaller pieces and put again into the pot.

• Khash is served with garlic dressing. For the filling take a Cup of sour cream, add rastolchennyh 4-5 cloves of garlic, and give a little brew.