Best video editors for beginners

According to many PC users, the best video editor, the one in which they could easily understand and are accustomed to. In most programs for video editing a built-in interface for Russian-speaking users, and therefore to master them, if desired, can even a beginner.

Best video editor for beginners, you can call Windows Movie Marker. The advantages of this program is that it is free, installed by default on every computer with Windows. Everything else, it is easy to use, but because with it you can get your training video.

However, the functionality of this editor does not differ much abundance. An important limitation is the small number of file formats. In addition, when performing time-consuming operations Movie Maker behaves very unstable. However, having mastered the elementary skills of work with this program, you can move on to more complex video editor.

Another good video editor in Russian - "video Editing". This program is also suitable for novice users, allows to work with different formats. The application supports popular extensions such as MPEG, AVI, MKV, HD and DVD.

This program is for video capture can connect and video files, and digital images. The process of creating clips involves adding fragments, overlay captions, special effects, sound, cropping, conversion to desired format, quality improvement. In addition, the program "video Editing" allows you to upload a video (slideshow clip) to any portable device and upload it on YouTube.

Best video editors for advanced users

Speaking about the best video editing software worth mentioning, and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. This is one of the most popular video editing software HD video, it has a simple and user-friendly interface. This video editor is not complicated, but quite functional. With it, you can create your own video or even a movie with different animations, effects, etc. This program allows you to create professional titles, subtitles, etc. in addition, include a change of lighting, color correction, image.

To the best video editors can be attributed to Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. This program gives you the opportunity to do with video, not every editor can say that. Relatively simple processing of HD movies. You can also add a lot of effects. Video editing, audio processing, creating Blue-ray all this can be done in Sony Vegas Movie Studio. Most of the professionals use this program.

However, if we talk about the best video editor, that is Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. This program contains a set of tools that is suitable for professional installation. After you create a video you can immediately record to disk or transcode to the right format.

However, about the best video editor there are other opinions. For example, many professionals are choosing to use Ulead Video Studio. This is a solid and good software for those who have already moved to the highest level. The professional version of this program called Ulead Media Studio.