Orthopedic shoes is not a luxury but a necessity

When choosing shoes for your child, parents should remember that it must be of high quality. It is desirable to give preference to orthopedic shoes, as it is very convenient. Wearing the right shoes is an excellent prevention of various diseases of musculoskeletal system. This is especially true for kids of preschool age, of the foot which can be prone to deformation from wearing worn-out shoes or poor quality of the sandals.

When choosing orthopedic shoes, should pay attention to how the Shoe fits the kid and how well it is made. If you have any doubt about the quality of shoes you can consult a podiatrist. A specialist will be able to adequately assess the shoes and tell you how it fits a particular child.
Orthopedic shoes must be bought in size. Otherwise it will not carry much benefit.

Consumer reviews about the shoes of the "Totto"

Some parents prefer to buy kids branded orthopedic shoes. However, doctors claim that the domestic producers made no less durable and convenience goods. In addition, these shoes are very affordable for most Russian families. One of the clearest examples of how quality can be combined with the practicality and availability, is a Shoe company "Totto".
The product range of factory "Totto" there are a lot of bright and colorful models. Children are happy to wear such shoes or sandals for a walk.

Children's shoes "Totto" is in great demand among consumers. Parents are happy to buy it because it has a very high level of quality at relatively low cost. Orthopedic footwear manufacturers is too high a price. Not every family can afford to regularly buy such things for their child.

The main advantage of shoes, "Totto" is hard, but at the same time flexible sole. In addition, all the boots, shoes, sandals have a high hard heel. It promotes the proper formation of the heel bone. Wearing this Shoe is an excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Shoes "Totto" is made exclusively from natural materials. It's soft but yet sturdy leather is the characteristic of all models produced by this company. In accordance with the opinion of the majority of consumers, these shoes are extremely durable. It lasts a very long time, which is especially important for families in which things are passed from one child to another.

All the negative reviews about the products of factory "Totto" is based mostly on personal preferences. Some parents noted more than once that these shoes are designed for feet with a high instep. For this reason, for some children, sandals or boots "Totto" may seem not very convenient.

Some parents claimed that the shoes "Totto" quickly lose their appearance. But it rather refers to the lacquered models. Shoes made from pigskin, extremely durable.