The name of this shoes received from the same disease, "varus", or as they say "club foot". It is that human feet toes turned to each other, and the foot is curved inward and sinks. Fortunately, the skeletal system of the child is formed over several years, and therefore to adjust the correct position of the legs can be at a very early stage of the disease. For this, orthopedic doctors prescribe to their patients specific treatment in the form of wearing special orthopedic shoes.

The value antivrusnoy shoes

These shoes not allow the child to "fall" on the inner side of the foot and as it separates the socks from each other in different directions. It turns out that the child relies on three main points: the heel, the outer side of the foot and the inner side of the foot, that is, the total area of the sole. Completely ruled out the possibility to bend the leg and put in the wrong position.

The value of this Shoe is invaluable. First, antivirusna shoes gives properly distribute the load on nesformirovannost child's leg. It so clearly captures the heel and toe that foot in a Shoe is not loose, securely, and properly rotated. The child comes to a stop and presses her whole body. And, provided that the load is distributed across the foot, he does not tire spin, and after a long load don't hurt your feet. All thanks to the fact that the blood in the lower extremities begins to function properly. Child this situation does not cause any discomfort.

How to choose antivirusnuu shoes

Many parents, hearing the diagnosis orthopedist, not in a hurry to shop for therapeutic shoes. They think that this disease can pass itself. Someone, of course, scary is not for children price of such acquisition. But the child's health is invaluable, and it should be understood by everyone.

For the prevention and treatment of clubfoot without antivrusnoy shoes is necessary. Picking up your baby antivirusnuu shoes, you should know that it is somewhat different from other orthopedic shoes. One of these differences is the lack of arch support. For the treatment of clubfoot this item is contraindicated, then how to eliminate, for example, flat feet, arch support is needed.

It is important that the shoes (sandals or boots) are well fixed foot, did not allow her to move and bend. But because about any "booties for growth" may not be considered. Shoes must be accurate: no more, no less. Otherwise kind of treatment will not be any.

Further heel. The heel of a Shoe needs to be deepened, due to the special recess the Cup. The rear leg is held upright.

Real antivirusna shoes should always be equipped with high adjustable buckles or lacing. And also have a high heel, which will not allow the heel to move and it will lock securely as it should be.
And finally: antivirusna shoes works wonders with children's foot only in the preschool period, when the bones are still forming, and ligaments flexible.