Advice 1: How to mount image in the emulator CD/DVD

A virtual disk image is a very handy format because it is easy to create, fill in the Internet. Today, most downloadable from the Internet video games and DVD movies and Blu-ray have this format. Everything you need to start working with this disk simply mount it in a virtual drive.
How to mount image in the emulator CD/DVD
You will need
  • Computer;
  • - program Alcohol;
  • program Daemon Tools Lite.
In order to mount the drives on your computer should be a virtual drive. Create virtual drives with the help of special programs. Any emulator allows you to mount CD and DVD disk images. But leadership to rather firmly hold Alcohol and Daemon Tools.
First, we examine the process of mounting the images using Alcohol. Download its new version and install it on the hard disk of the computer. After installation, restart your PC. Run the program.
In the section "Basic operations" select "Search images". Then click the disk partition where you saved the image, and click "Search". After the process completes, click on the desired image, right-click and select "add files to Alcohol". If necessary, you can select multiple files.
Return to the main menu. There is now a list of images that you have added. Click on the desired image, right-click and select "Mount on device". After a few seconds the image will be mounted.
The second program, which will be reviewed, called Daemon Tools Lite. Download it and install on your computer. When installing be sure to select "free license". Then restart the computer. Run the application.
In the main menu click on the leftmost icon of the disk. Specify the path to the image. Click on it with the left mouse button, and then select "Open". Now the disk image is added to the main menu.
Click on the disk image right-click. Hover over the command "Mount" and select the virtual drive (it will be automatically created by the program). Wait a few seconds. The image will be mounted. Open the startup disk you mounted. All virtual drives created by programs that are in the "My computer".

Advice 2: How to mount on a virtual drive

A huge amount of information in the network distributed in the form of CD images. These include exact copies of a physical CD. All their difference consists only in the fact that the driveused to read them, is not physical but virtual and it is not in the computer, and installs a separate utility on your computer.
How to mount on a virtual drive
You will need
  • utility "Alcohol 120%"
One of the most common utilities that enable the creation of virtual drive in the system are the "Alcohol 120%" and "Daemon Tools". With both programs you can work by analogy.
Install and run the utility "Alcohol 120%". This can be done either by double-clicking the program icon on the desktop or finding it in the programs list using the start menu".
Search for the desired image file. To do this in the horizontal menu bar, click first on "tools" and then in the popup list, select "Search for image files". In the search window you must specify the path to the location of the image. Then click on the "Search" button. The window displays all found images. Find in this list as desired and click the left mouse button. Then select "Add selected files to Alcohol 120%".
This same search can be run using "Ctrl+F".
Close the search window images.
Mount the image on a virtual drive.
After performing the second step, the main window of the utility has changed a bit – in the list on the right side of the program display your image file. Click on the name of this image with the left mouse button and in context menu select "Mount on device".
Now the image is mounted on virtual drive. Can work with it as with an ordinary CD.
Useful advice
There are more compact and easy to use program to create virtual drive. It's called "UltraISO". Running the program, you will see a window with the directory in which you have to select a folder with existing file. After you click on it with the mouse, all the contents of this file will appear in another window. Then you need in the menu bar click "Tools" and choose "Mount virtual drive". The same can be made by pressing "F6". In the opened window, click on the label "Mount". After that, the image file will be mounted.
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