Menu for a child 2 years

In large quantities (500-600 ml) in a child menu should include a variety of dairy products (fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir, etc.). In addition, if there is no allergic reaction in the diet of a baby of 2 years old must be present cheese.

At this age it is also necessary to expand the range of vegetable dishes. In the summer it is possible to make chilled soups (beetroot soup, okroshka), but not often. We should obey two conditions: the cream should boil, and cook the dish before the meal.

Daily menu child 2 years of age must be present dishes from different cereals, preferably maize, wheat, buckwheat, rice). In addition to dairy, you must also prepare and dairy-free cereal as a garnish for fish and meat dishes. Cereal can be used for cooking meatballs, soups, cutlets, puddings, etc.

Compared to cereals pasta are less nutritional value, so the dishes with their use should be prepared children 2 years of age no more than 2-3 times a week.

Fried foods (fish in pastry, fried fish, fish cakes, meat patties, vegetable patties, pancakes, etc.) in the child menu should include no more than 2 times a week. Rare to offer a 2-year baby potatoes with low-fat herring. Usually at this age they like this dish. 2-3 times a week experts recommend giving children fish, boiled.

A really important component of children's menu 2-year-old child remains curd. It is possible to prepare cottage cheese and fruit a lot for a sandwich, pancakes and dumplings with cottage cheese, pudding, casserole, etc.

Eggs to children at this age should be offered 1-2 times a week. Provided that the child has no allergic reactions to this product. Cooking for kids can be a hard-boiled egg, scrambled eggs, omelet.

The basic rules of child table

The kid has to cook separately from adults. This is because the range of dishes 2-year-old child is more limited. While cooking food has to be more gentle.

Well, if the child takes food with adults at the table. He will have the opportunity to observe the correct behavior.

Regularity in eating and adherence of the day – important moments in the upbringing of the child.

Lunch must consist of two dishes: hot (soup, soup, etc.) and second (pudding, fish or meat with vegetables). In the evening the baby prefer to offer food which consists of vegetable or dairy products, fruits, eggs, cereals. Varied and correct your child's diet is the key to its health.