How to grow Mimosa pudica from seed

Soak the seeds of Mimosa pudica in a container of warm water from the tap and leave it on for one day. Then faster from seed sprouts appear. Seed is best left on a hot radiator so heat is retained during the whole time soaking. Instead of warm water from the tap to mix the cold and hot boiled water.

Bury the soaked seeds in a flower pot, in a plastic or cardboard Cup with soil to a depth of not more than 0.3 cm, so the soil was bought in a special store, and not taken on the street. Otherwise it might be contaminated, and the plant can get sick. Cover the container with a plastic cap or wrap. But the covering should be removed as soon as the first leaves. When seedlings sprout, remove the greenhouse cover and place the plant in a well lit and warm place. When planting usually rises in 13 of the 25 seeds.

Advice on further care

Growing the Mimosa pudica, make sure that the ground is not too dry or too wet. The plant likes moderate watering.
At temperatures between 21 and 32oC tropical plant is rising very rapidly, in less than 7 days. But at lower temperatures the time of germination up to 30 days.

Covering a flower pot with foil, do not place it on direct sunlight. At night the plant is asleep, with folded leaves. Mimosa-pudica blooms soft pink, similar to dandelion flowers. These flowers are rich in seeds.

Water the plant the better the key, distilled or rain water. Plants can be sensitive to tap water and the contained chemical contaminants, such as chlorine.

It is possible to build for the young grass plants a special greenhouse. It can be done out of the box from under children's toys or any other packaging. Look for a box that is made of cardboard and transparent plastic. These materials retain heat well, and the clear plastic let the sunlight like glass. In this greenhouse you can also cut holes for ventilation on the sides of the box. If you want additional coverage, you can top mount energy-saving lamp which, except for the light will give off heat.

The first leaflets of the Mimosa-shy doesn't respond to touch. You need to wait until the bindweed will grow, before you will be able to observe this interesting phenomenon.