What you need for a fast manicure

Express manicure is a quick version of the classic manicure, which would bring the hands in order in the shortest possible time. Mostly it is dry, i.e. excluding the maceration of the skin around the nail with the help of trays. Instead, use gels, creams or liquids on the basis of acids, which dissolve dead skin and soften dead skin. Very comfortable and special pencils with plastic or felt tips. They not only distribute the means to the nail, but also help to prepare the cuticle.

Manicure can be pobrezni, but is often used combined method, when the scissors or clippers are used only for deburring. The remaining operations are carried out a variety of saws, they retracted length, given a specific shape, cut down dead skin around the nail and cuticle cushions. Not to dispense with the polishing of the bar, leveling the surface of the nail.

Stock up on wet wipes, impregnated with liquid disinfectant. They are used to handling tools and hands. Need base and top coat nail and liquid for degreasing and background lacquer.

Do Express manicure

Select the length and shape of nails. Too rigid plate can be shortened with scissors or clippers, soft and splitting nails handle nail file only. Today in fashion oval nails, but you may prefer a rectangular, soft square with rounded ends or almond. It all depends on personal taste, as well as the length and shape of fingers.

Take care of cuticle. In the salons manicure kit is often used the liquid based on fruit acids. It is applied to the base of the nail for a minute and then clean off the dead skin with a wooden stick or pusher. If the cuticle has grown too, it can be carefully removed with special pliers, eliminating the cuts.

Sawed triangular side bolsters melkoabrazivnymi nail file. It is also possible to cut and cuticles. If you have a few free minutes apply to skin around nail cream or oil and massage them massage. Your fingers will instantly acquire a well-groomed appearance. Polish the nail polishing block. It aligns the plates and return them to a healthy color and glow.

Degrease the nails with a special liquid for removal of varnish. Allow the plates to dry and then cover with a protective lining base in one or two layers. After the turn of colored lacquer. Choose quick-drying options - they harden in a few minutes. Apply the varnish in two layers, well prosushivaya each.

The final touch is a brilliant top-drying. It is applied in a thick layer means it dries instantly, clipping a manicure and giving it a mirror gloss.