Girls are willing to go to great lengths in order to please men. At the same time, working on ourselves, we should not forget about the things that may be unpleasant or even frightening for most guys.

What guys don't like in the girl's appearance

Almost with absolute certainty it can be argued that the vast majority of men are unpleasant to well-groomed women. Some girls think that guys don't pay attention to such "trifles" as not, the roots of the hair and the mud on my shoes. In fact, they see these flaws and peeling nail Polish, dirty hair with dandruff, and just undone hair removal, and the burrs and clumps of mascara in the eyelashes. A worthy young man wants to see next to a nice girl and won't waste your time on mess.

Guys don't like girls with excess weight. Who would not say that, on a subconscious level a man takes complete and an overweight woman as the already fertilized female, which is unlikely to be desirable to him. Therefore, girls need to watch your diet and exercise. If the figure is still far from ideal, to create a beautiful silhouette that will help shapewear.

Guys don't like overly bright make-up girls. First, it just looks ridiculous, and secondly, the guy inevitably starts to think about the fact that dressed up like a native, a young lady probably will be simply ugly, if wash.

Every girl needs to know that whatever the circumstances, whatever her exhausted heavy working day – about hygiene to forget it's still impossible. If the girl's body is the source of the odor, then the guys would treat her with disgust. Shower daily, washing your hair not less than once in 3 days and periodic examination by the dentist and the gynecologist is a necessary minimum for self-respecting girl.

What guys don't like the behavior of the girl

Few of the modern guys interesting notorious girls. Confident (not to be confused with swagger!) companion not only enhances the self-esteem of a young man, but also quickly establish a friendly relationship with his friends and relatives. It's nice for him and good for the relationship.

Smoking and alcohol girls in any case, losing those who lead a healthy lifestyle. First, all bad habits have a negative impact on appearance, and secondly, a serious young man could not be still, what is the state of health of the future mother of his children.

In addition to everything, the girl should not forget the richness of their spiritual world. To read good books, watch good films, to communicate with interesting people is not only a wonderful pastime, but some investments in its appeal to decent men.