Why would Minecraft need a bed?

Day play much more interesting than night. Not to run around obstacles in the dark, you can sleep the whole time in bed.

To use someone else's bed impossible. When you try to go into it a message appears that the place is busy. So each player of Minecraft, you need to make the bed yourself.

The bed looks great in the interior of the house character, creates comfort.

How to do in Minecraft bed

To craft you need to prepare for three blocks of wool and planks.

To get Board, you can chop the trees in the forest or jungle. Wooden blocks should be placed in the window of the craft and process to the Board.

To get wool, you need to find the sheep, catch them, and cut.

Also for the production of large amounts of wool that could be required for crafting many other things, sheep.

To lure two animals necessary for the cultivation of the herd, you need to grow wheat to lure the two lambs and put them in the paddock. Animals need to reproduce and sometimes to shave, getting the wool to craft beds and other items.

To in Minecraft to make a bed in the crafting window you need to place three pieces of wool in the second row and three planks at the bottom. The top of the cell should remain blank.

Where to put a bed built in the game Minecraft

If you have done in Minecraft the bed, you need to place it correctly.

The bed takes up two blocks on the playing field. It can be placed anywhere except for the surfaces of glass, snow, a face of the piston.

You can even make a bed hanging in the air. To make a flying bed, after installation you need to knock out the bottom two blocks.

Despite the fact that a sleeping player will Wake up when approaching mobs automatically, place for beds need to be safe. For this the bedroom should be placed a few torches.

Naturally, to put the bed you need indoors.

To go to sleep, you press the right mouse button, going to bed.

So to make a bed in Minecraft is simple enough, but before crafting you need to make the house.