The approaching birthday of your young man, and you again wonder what to give him. Razor, a tie, and other trivial gifts that you did not initially consider. So you want to make a memorable holiday favorite that it is difficult for you.

Think in advance what to give. Remember, perhaps it is something long dreamed of. For example, a new phone or device for your computer. If your young person has a hobby, give something to do with it. He is interested in fishing - we'll buy him a new fishing rod. Lover of skiing will give points for skiing.

If you are well versed in clothing, buy the young man a new shirt or sweater. Choose things that not only you like but also fit your guy's style.

A wonderful gift will be an unusual pastime. On the market are a large number of offers a variety of entertainment. For example, you can buy a lesson in learning horse riding. Or give the guy a joint trip to the water Park. Both love to dance? Go to the joint session of salsa.

Do not give a guy stuffed toys and hearts, figurines and candles. The young man hardly appreciate girly gifts.

If you live together, the birthday guy get up, get dressed, cook a delicious Breakfast. It can be something simple and romantic. For example, cut the piece of black bread the heart without damaging the edges, remove the core (it is not needed), fry the bread on one side, flip, hole, break the egg, fry. Cook coffee. Congratulate a loved one and give him a gift. This romantic Breakfast will be a great early birthday celebration of your loved one.

After work, cook a festive dinner or go to the restaurant with friends. Later enjoy a romantic evening and memorable night. The whole day together will be the perfect gift that your beloved will remember for a long time.