Visually divide the sheet into three parts. In the lower third of the sheet, draw two wavy lines. One starting almost from the edge of the sheet and the other make a little, as if covering them with nerastankino part of the picture.
to draw the mountains
On the left, draw a large mountain, and on the right side of the sheet is a small pond. As a rule, with high peaks descend down a mountain river, forming a lake.
the mountains in stages
Insert one mountain in the middle of the sheet, as shown in the picture. Add the last part of the mountains. Don't forget. that line should not be flat. Numerous bends and sharp corners – an integral part of the mountainous terrain.
mountain pencil
In the background, draw two more small elite. At the foot of the draw lines of grass. herbaceous cover depicts a small fence.
how to draw mountains
Trace the image with a pencil more bold, eraser, erase excess lines.
Take markers or paint and add paint. For the mountains, take brown, grey shades. On top leave unpainted white caps of snow. The pond at the foot make cyan-blue. Grassy green skin color colors. So you have got to draw mountains step by step.
paint mountains