Prepare a preliminary contract of sale, just setting the sentence of a future transaction. Subsequently, when dodging the one hand to conclude the basic contract of purchase and sale, the other party through the court to seek a forced transaction.
Check all documents in the apartment. Find out whether the apartment children. This fact is very important, because the presence of the registered minor children, the deal can be declared invalid.
Will sign a preliminary contract of sale which gives the opportunity in the future to buy an apartment at the originally agreed price. Do not forget that these documents are only in written form and in two copies, one of which remains with you, and the other the buyer.
Make an agreement about the Deposit. It features the following:
the collateral can be a variety of things or securities, any other property and money;
- the contract must specify who is the Keeper of the mortgaged property;
- collateral is a major part of the contract on the Deposit, also prescribed and its assessment (if necessary), size and term of fulfillment by the pledgor of its main obligations;
- the pledge agreement must be in writing only;
- if the collateral is movable property, the right of the mortgagee on the property to secure the transaction under the agreement.
Insure the property intended to be collateral to an insurance company with a good reputation.
Will sign a contract. Assure him of a notary, if it spells out the rights of the mortgagee of the property or the collateral is movable property.
After conclusion of the agreement transfer the Deposit to the seller. Although in most cases a Deposit and the buyer (e.g., car).