Suitable for protection of a private house dog breeds

как дрессировать ротвейлера в домашних условиях

For the protection of a private house in more suitable dogs in the winter cold will feel comfortable. Dogs in this category can be taken to protect the apartments, but there will have to put up with the shedding fur of your pet.

как воспитать ротвейлера

So, for the protection of a private house perfect German shepherd. It's a versatile option that is equally good for protection on the street, and for the protection in the room. Trainable, remember learned commands, moderately tolerant of children. Is a smart defender. Able to cope with a gang of robbers. The dog is very active so requires regular exercise.

Как выглядит ротвейлер

Fearless and formidable the guardians are giants. Well trained, affectionate to owners, love children. Active, love to frolic with the owner. The dog is channeling her energy in a positive direction, it must be physically exhausting to the maximum.

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The largest breed of dog is the Caucasian shepherd dog. It is physically a very strong individual. Differ faithfulness to his master and patience to childish antics. Do not require long walks. To maintain the physical form of the pet, rather than 1 hour walking per day.

собаку лучше всего заводить

Moscow watchdog can be described as fearless, strong, loyal dog. The training lends itself with difficulty. But as a result manages to get docile and reliable defender. As Caucasians, do not require prolonged walking.

The best dog breeds for apartment security

To protect the apartments it is better to have dogs of other breeds. In a private yard, of course, also possible to take, but in the winter will have to have a room.

In the family the children can have a boxer. He is very sympathetic to children. The dog is well trained, active, is a great defender. Requires constant physical activities.

Loves kids and dogs cane Corso. It's a little stubborn, but very smart and perceptive animals. Attached to one person, but to protect the whole family.

Fearless and fierce defenders become Rottweilers. Puppies long increase in growth, but over time, with proper nutrition and physical activity, take their toll. The puppy was a good dog, he needs serious training.

Fearless bodyguard with instant response and awesome power can become a Doberman. The training representative of the breed need to be addressed promptly and seriously. With the proper education is obtained a great security guard, submits to the will of his master.

Thus, whatever the breed of dog may be selected as a bodyguard, you should be responsible approach to the process of education and training. Animal to obey commands of the owner and perfectly coped with their duties, it has to be trained in obedience and protection courses.