Even if you are a person confident that will be able to provide proper Rottweiler training, in any case, training should be entrusted to professionals. Only then can you be sure about the behavior of your pet and for the safety of the people who surround him.
обучение стафорда командам
School of dog training in which he will train, must have an international certificate on system of IPO that will allow its instructors to ensure the production of your dog's obedience skills. When you work with an instructor you need to adjust the course of training for a Rottweilerwhich will be kept at home, and who need the skills of a guard and not a guard dog.
стаффорд как воспитывать
In this case, you can focus less on learning apporteront objects and to overcome the obstacles and to focus on handling and flawless execution of your commands. Especially important to prevent not desired pocus. In the first such command, the dog must be removed from the sleeve of the helper.
стаффордширский терьер как воспитывать
Together with an instructor you have to carefully work out all situations to determine the probability, when the dog may not be enough exposure. These situations should be worked out especially clearly and the dog in any case should be trained to stay in place, not attacking the person if you are not around. You have to prevent the possibility of such an attack, and contrary to your desire.
как воспитать ротвейлера
Important is the dog vaccinated skill "bark" when it is limited only to them and not to attack the person holding it in place prior to your decision. The training with the helper helps to develop the dog's view of the enemy. In her mind it would be a man exhibiting signs of aggression, issuing alarming screams or wants to hide in a secluded place. So you can teach your dog to distinguish friends from enemies.
Как выглядит ротвейлер
Education your dog must be continued at home. Do not forget that not all people are familiar with the basics of canine and know how to behave correctly with dogs. Your primary objective is to raise a Rottweiler to its calm and friendly behavior was summoned by the friendly attitude of others. Such confidence in his friend can only give you professional training and a nice comfortable muzzle that will save you from many problems.