Advice 1: How to train a Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a large breed of dog that was deliberately bred as a loyal protector and bodyguard. With proper training this dog can be a companion, guard or working dog. Taming the content of such dog plays a major role as Rottweilers, especially males, dominant dogs. The owner of such dog may be the only one who knows how to raise it.
How to train a Rottweiler
Even if you are a person confident that will be able to provide proper Rottweiler training, in any case, training should be entrusted to professionals. Only then can you be sure about the behavior of your pet and for the safety of the people who surround him.
School of dog training in which he will train, must have an international certificate on system of IPO that will allow its instructors to ensure the production of your dog's obedience skills. When you work with an instructor you need to adjust the course of training for a Rottweilerwhich will be kept at home, and who need the skills of a guard and not a guard dog.
In this case, you can focus less on learning apporteront objects and to overcome the obstacles and to focus on handling and flawless execution of your commands. Especially important to prevent not desired pocus. In the first such command, the dog must be removed from the sleeve of the helper.
Together with an instructor you have to carefully work out all situations to determine the probability, when the dog may not be enough exposure. These situations should be worked out especially clearly and the dog in any case should be trained to stay in place, not attacking the person if you are not around. You have to prevent the possibility of such an attack, and contrary to your desire.
Important is the dog vaccinated skill "bark" when it is limited only to them and not to attack the person holding it in place prior to your decision. The training with the helper helps to develop the dog's view of the enemy. In her mind it would be a man exhibiting signs of aggression, issuing alarming screams or wants to hide in a secluded place. So you can teach your dog to distinguish friends from enemies.
Education your dog must be continued at home. Do not forget that not all people are familiar with the basics of canine and know how to behave correctly with dogs. Your primary objective is to raise a Rottweiler to its calm and friendly behavior was summoned by the friendly attitude of others. Such confidence in his friend can only give you professional training and a nice comfortable muzzle that will save you from many problems.
Outset, the Rottweiler is a dog of one master, in other words, he must honor all family members, but the owner it will be you. You should install the most subtle psychological relationships - it will always be you very much depend. Rottweiler training starts from the day once it appears in your house.
Useful advice
By nature a Rottweiler is calm and balanced, loves children, loyal to his master. After training becomes an obedient Rottweiler, training a Rottweiler as a rule, is successful because these dogs love to work. The behavior of the Rottweiler of course, the exterior of the dog's sense of identity and confident nature - a consequence of a stable psyche.

Advice 2 : How to raise a Rottweiler

Power, strength, confidence, brilliant glossy black as black wing, hair, and intelligent eyes – all this Rottweiler. Today, dogs of this breed can be found quite often, they give birth for the protection of private territories, and as Pets. However, in both cases from the first day you need to think about raising a Rottweiler.
How to raise a Rottweiler
On the walk, the Rottweiler needs to be either on a leash or muzzled. Allow to play with the dog to strangers or pet is impossible, even if you are absolutely confident in the peaceful nature of the pet.
The main goal in teaching the dog to respect and love. Explain what you can do, and what not, you have to understand dog language. One drill and empty shouting commands to civilize her fail.
Setting the stage for a dog, you need to remember that at the age from 7 months to a year and a half is due for a serious turning point: the formation of character and to develop leadership qualities in your pet. At this time, the dog will test your patience first, simply refusing to obey commands, and then, if you will allow him to be too stubborn, maybe even try to roar or bite. If this happens, you are not properly educated puppy not fully explained to him who's boss. At the first sign of aggression towards you or to the side of households, it is necessary to consult a professional dog handler, and take a course OKD – General course of training.
Females are usually less dominant, but this does not mean that they can pay less attention to education. On the contrary, to teach the bitch harder especially hard to cope with them in heat girls refuse to execute commands, you can try to escape in search of love or to attack another bitch. In those days, please keep your dog on a leash!
Don't let the puppy do anything you don't want to see in an adult dog. For example, the grasping for the feet, even playfully, over time, can lead to sustainable habit. However, the methods of education in such a situation should be approached selectively. It is more efficient puppy shake gently, taking the withers.
Do not attempt to raise a Rottweiler, using beatings, rejection, or other methods of violence. Dogs of this breed are the peacekeepers, but because you will quickly find common language with him, if he can get to obey you as the leader.
Follow proper nutrition. The puppy should get food only in strictly allotted time, otherwise there may be small pieces of treats in the form of encouragement for the team.
The Rottweiler is a sociable dog, but still focused on a single host. This breed is universal, which perfectly cope with any challenge. It is important to note that this breed was bred as a companion, a service dog! A growing puppy will require you a deep knowledge of dog psychology. You will need to raise a puppy from the first day in your home, and throughout his adult life.

Advice 3 : At what age can you train a Rottweiler

Rottweiler – breed service. In addition, the dog of this breed is a great guard for you and gentle nanny for your children. But the dog met the expectations begin to raise a puppy you need from early childhood.
At what age can you train a Rottweiler

First steps – housebreaking

1 month puppy can already be taught to walk according to the known cases on the street. Woke up this morning – bring it on 5-15 minutes. Then fed – back to a walk for 5-15 minutes. Play – get outside, after NAP again for a walk. And so the whole day within a week or two. For month puppies this time so there were no surprises.

Familiarity with collar

In order to begin the course of training, you need to teach your puppy to wear a collar. Properly bred Rottweilers perceive the collar as a perfect norm. It is important to know that the neck of the Rottweiler in girth bigger head, but that doesn't mean that the collar should be tightened until done. The collar must be removed with very little effort closed and worn. To wear a collar, call the instructor over a puppy with one hand and offer him a favorite treat, and another put on the collar, saying at this time, the command collar. The puppy he pushes the head into the collar, trying to get food. When removing as well say "the collar" and in the end treat. When you repeat these simple manipulations before feeding or a walk each day, you will very quickly teach your puppy to put on and remove the collar.

To walk on a leash and the command "next"

The leash should be comfortable length, but not more than three meters below the Rottweiler was used not to depart from the host on the specified distance. Ready to walk with a leash in the apartment. Put on a puppy collar fastened to it a leash. If your dog shows displeasure – stroke, affectionately, talk, treat. Repeating softly the command "heel", walk with him through the apartment, easily pulling on the leash, the puppy can feel it, but don't cause discomfort. If the pup actively resists, release the leash, let your child get used that behind him, something dragged. Very important: do not call out the team, not taketh her tone wounded bison, do not frighten the puppy, say "next" with a calm tone.

On the street in front of every stop and continuing to move you tell the dog the command "next". All further walk in the city and in crowded places only on leash.

To punish the puppy or not?

If the puppy take a bite accidentally while playing, it's not a cause for concern, just don't put your fingers into his mouth. But what to do if the puppy you hurt intentionally or puppy is showing aggression and not responding already to the third "no"? In this case, the command "no" again, already holding negligent puppy by the scruff and slightly shaking. If the puppy is and not respond to it, you need to punish him is to put him on the floor on his side, pressing down firmly and hold it for 10 minutes. When the eyes appear humility, in a moment you can let go. Beat the dog cannot, say just a slap on the ass! To prevent any aggression in the direction of the owners from time to time to say "teeth" and when you show teeth to stick in his mouth and fingers to touch the teeth, gums, the dog should know that you can not bite. And sometimes let yourself during a meal to "fumble" in his bowl with the food – Rottweiler have to take it easy!

And remember that a dog's character is formed only by you. Proper and timely education of the puppy and strict discipline – a guarantee that you will be comfortable together and your dog will never hurt you or other people and dogs. Getting a puppy into the family will change the order of the day, we need to be patient ,the dog has become a reliable friend and protector. Home training must be completed within domestic situations daily and professional training to expose the puppy reaches 8 or 10 months of age.
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