Advice 1: What whisky is the best

Recently held its annual prestigious event World Whiskies Award organized by the authoritative WHISKY magazine. In the fight for the title of best whiskey was attended by the most famous representatives, with the result that victory went to the Japanese whisky Yamazaki 1984. What kind of whiskey and who produces the best malt drink in the world?
What whisky is the best

The history of production

The first distillery in the history of Japanese whisky production was built in 1923 by shinjiro tori entrepreneur in an area surrounded by bamboo forest. The mild climate and spring water allowed the company to Suntory to create a whiskey with a delicate, subtle and complex flavor. It was at this distillery and was created a modern winner of the competition for the best whisky Yamazaki 1984, which well displays the production traditions of the country.

The company carefully selects Suntory malt spirits from a huge variety of malt distillates.

To date, the company's products are included in a particular group, where, in addition, there are five has long been the world's leading manufacturers of whiskey – Irish, Scots, Americans and Canadians. Yamazaki 1984 single malt whisky based on malt spirits, which are made exclusively in one proven location. In addition to the Yamazaki 1984, the company also produces Suntory Hibiki blended whiskey, made from a mixture of grain and malt spirits. Thanks to its unique recipes, the company Suntory has made its products known not only in Japan but throughout the world.

All about the best Scotch in the world. And how were they chosen?

Whisky Yamazaki 1984 was released in 2009 in very limited quantities and today is a rare beverage bottling. Currently, Europe is realized only two hundred bottles of the Yamazaki 1984, and on the territory of the United States of America, only three hundred bottles. The winner of the World Whiskies Award – collectible and prestigious alcohol, which is highly prized by lovers of high-quality whiskey with a multi-faceted taste.

In the USA one bottle of this single malt whiskey is sold at a price of $ 600 per bottle.

Interesting Yamazaki 1984 is that in the blended whisky bottled at 48% alcohol, contains a certain amount of alcohol that has been aged in unique barrels. The last valuable made of Japanese oak called "mizunara", which Yamazaki 1984 has a heavy sherry flavor, perfectly matching with the original dry notes of spices and resins.

The basis of the Yamazaki 1984 are juicy fruit the taste sensations of toffee and molasses. The versatility of this whiskey presents hints of sweet ripe fruit, choice of raisins, vanilla, BlackBerry jam with hints of mint and noble leather and nuts. Notes of Japanese oak mizunara manifest in living hints of spice and resinous, warm finish.

Advice 2 : What's the best whiskey

In American films the characters often drink whiskey. They drink it constantly - at home, at work, at the bar. Whisky Scotch, Irish, American, pure or diluted with water. In Russia about it know little, mainly because of good whiskey in Russia practically does not produce and what is sold under his view, it is often impossible to drink. Meanwhile, real whiskey is a great drink with its own history and peculiarities.
What's the best whiskey
Whiskey there are three main types of malt, grain and blended. Malt is produced from pure barley malt without impurities. Grain is made of different types of cereals, it almost entirely goes to the production of blended whiskey, but partially sold. Blended is a blend of whisky from different types of grain. There's also a Bourbon - corn American whiskey, created by special technology.

The best of the best

Since 2007 there is the prize of ‘World Whiskies Award’. It's a kind of "Oscar" for whiskey producers in the world. The prize is awarded in several nominations: "the Best single malt, Best malt whiskey, Best blended whiskey". Also award prizes to the countries best producers of the drink – "Best Irish single malt whiskey", "Best Japanese whisky", etc.
In Scotland the word "whiskey" is spelled 'whisky', in all other countries - 'whiskey'.

Each year the labels-the winners are changing, so to keep track of new developments in the production of whisky is not easy. Here are the results for 2014:

1. Odnodozovy the best whiskey in the world - Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask
2. The best whiskey mixed varieties - Taketsuru 17 Years Old
3. The best blended whisky The Lost Distilleries Blend
4. Best flavored whiskey Sons of Liberty Pumpkin Spice
5. The world's best whisky liqueur - Master of Malt Speyside Whisky Liqueur 40 Years Old
6. The best single whiskey - Teeling Single Grain
7. Best American whiskey Balcones Brimstone Resurrection
8. The best rye whiskey Thomas H Handy Sazerac

How to choose a great whiskey shop

But, of course, not everyone has the opportunity to attend a prestigious award and there to try all these varieties. Anyway, in Russia most of them to buy is quite difficult. However, there are several techniques that will allow you of the available range to choose the best whiskey for yourself or as a gift.
The word comes from the Celtic 'uisce beatha' - "living water".

First, pay attention to the country of origin. The best whiskey is made in the USA, Ireland, Scotland and Japan. Likely to products from these countries does not arise. However, if the label is in Russian written "Scotch whisky" or, say, "Whisky Scotch" type, then this is the product manufactured in Russia and little resemblance to real whiskey.

Look at how glued label. It should be located exactly and glued without bubbles. Pay attention to composition. In the composition of this whiskey should be only water and grain or corn, no ethyl alcohol, no flavorings and perfumes.

The color of good whiskey can be from light to dark Golden. In the bottle there should be no precipitate.

When you turn a bottle of whisky needs to fall down a large drop and not flow down the walls.

Finally, with shaking whiskey should appear large air bubbles, which did not disappear.
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