Find a suitable place where the pet will be able to settle. When you first bring your new pet home, place it in a suitable place and let him get on with it and get used to the new terrain. As for reptiles and small animals, put them in a house or a cage and let them be alone with yourself and explore space. Cats and dogs should be allowed to run around the house, so they can explore unfamiliar terrain. Watch out for animals and be alert to what he likes and what not. Remember that you also examine it.

Let the animal get used to you. Wait a bit and let the animal get used to your presence. Walk around the cage calmly and slowly to show that you are not a threat. Spend a little time in the same room as your cat or dog. Better not to pester him for the first time, and leave your tender feelings for later: this will only frighten the animal, which is not used to you. Do not worry if your pet is nervous or afraid: you are a new creature to them, and this is a normal feeling.

Feed your pet with the hands, if possible. As they say, the path of the animal heart is through his stomach. Feeding will build trust between you. Show your dog or cat that you are the one who provide the food.

Show affection. Stroking the head of your reptile or small animal's body gently and slowly. This will show that you don't want to hurt him. Pat the tummy of your cat and dog, or any place that they are allowed. To stroke the dog's head is a bad idea, because it can perceive this as threatening her life the action due to the fact that she doesn't know you and your body language that indicate certain actions.

Try to hold your lizard or other animal cell. Completely maintain their body and sit in the chair, on the chair or wherever you are comfortable. Walk with the animals on hand is a bad idea: it'll make him nervous. Respect the feelings of the animal: if it doesn't want you held him, don't force it. Allow your cat to relax next to you or go for a walk with your dog.

Play with your cat or dog, when they will be comfortable with you. This will help to establish a strong relationship.