Often after a pimple has gone, in its place leaving a track in the form of a bruise. This phenomenon is observed when people tried to squeeze it and brought it into the wound infection. That is why dermatologists do not recommend to act independently. But if the problem appeared, it is necessary to solve, this can be done with the help of improvised means.

Mask off the traces of acne

To remove marks from acne help mask. Their composition may be different, but the most effective are those in which there is white clay. It is often enough to apply this mask 3 times to no traces of acne left. As additional components it may be advisable to use lemon juice or vinegar. But they can greatly whiten the skin, so add them slowly (3-4 drops). With traces of acne good cucumber mask. For this you need to grate the vegetable and apply the resulting mush all over your face for about 15 minutes. The procedure should be repeated at least 7 times with a break of 3 days. This mask will not only help to get rid of bruises, but also tightening the skin and return the skin freshness.

Essential oils

In the struggle with the traces of acne will help the essential oil of rosemary and tea tree. It is important before application to the skin to dissolve the base oil in the ratio of 1:3. If you ignore this advice, then in the trace of pimple will show off the burn, there are cases of allergic reactions. Also with this problem will help cope oils of mint and lavender. The effects are less aggressive, so they can not breed. To achieve a lasting effect, you will need to apply to the skin a mixture 5 times with a break of 1 day. Very good job with this problem decoction of parsley, but the complete disappearance of the cosmetic defect will take about a month.

Salon treatments

If you do not want to resort to masks and essential oils, for removing traces of pimples should go to the salon. Experienced beauticians will help you to get rid of this problem in one or two sessions. Usually made ultrasonic cleaning of the face, at the same time cleaned of impurities and improves complexion. However, if there are a lot of marks from pimples, it can offer the vacuum cleaners. This procedure is very effective, furthermore, it gets rid of small scars and scars. Before heading to the salon, you should know the cost of this service as it is quite expensive,as it gives good results the first time, but you can save your own time.