Advice 1: How to determine the degree of alcohol

As practice shows, not only wine-lovers are trying to determine the degree of the fermented beverage. Often even bought in a good shop the alcohol information from the label is not true, and therefore the question about the fortress is still open.
How to determine the degree of alcohol
The basis of a strong alcohol - ethyl alcohol is the original clear liquid with a characteristic spirituous odor, evaporates very quickly and burns. The level of alcohol is accepted in common parlance called the degree of alcoholic beverages, the higher the degree, the stronger the drink.
Ethanol - budget basis for mixtures and solvent, it is often used in pharmaceuticals, infusions of different resistance.

Tabular system of measurement

Determine the amount of alcohol in the composition of the liquid according to special tables, the first of which was developed by the scientist D. I. Mendeleev. To determine the strength of alcohol is now the standard by which the strength of the solution is the percentage in volume of the mixture of the alcohol at a normal temperature of 20oC.

Now, in order to determine the amount of alcohol in the solution, using the metric system, where the accounting unit is a liter of alcohol for the entire amount at a normal temperature.

The hydrometer

To determine the concentration of alcohol, use a special glass measuring instrument hydrometer with an inner scale having one hundred divisions, called a alcoholometer. Each of the divisions located on its scale shows the volume percent of alcohol in the mixture. The zero mark on it indicates that the water is absolutely pure, and the $ 100 that the mixture is pure alcohol.

This method requires a precise approach, it is necessary to correctly position the cylinder to monitor the position of the straight.

Measurement by hydrometer

To measure the strength of alcohol with the help of the alcoholometer must be pre-rinsed container. Usually for measurements, take a measuring cylinder or Cup. The alcoholometer, and containers should be clean and dry.

Further, the capacity filled with a mixture for further analysis, it is necessary to shake the special stirrer, which is in the process of manipulation must remain fluid. The mixer can be purchased separately from the alcoholometer, although in most cases they represent a set.
If the determination was made correctly and at the desired temperature, the alcoholometer will give the correct result on the concentration of ethanol in solution.

After that, the alcohol container is placed alcoholometer, column with measuring scale, which should be immersed in liquid to a maximum of one-third.

Evaluate indicator after 5-7 minutes, you need to look at the ellipse of the meniscus, which, tapering, forms a line projected on the scale of an alcoholometer.

Advice 2: How to determine the strength of an alcoholic beverage

Under the strength of the drink means the measure of the volume fraction contained ethyl alcohol. The unsophisticated layman these words tell us very little. It is much easier to read the labeled alcohol degrees.
How to determine the strength of an alcoholic beverage
You will need
  • The alcoholometer, online calculator fortress of cocktails, alcoholic drink
Method one: classic

Measurement of the strength of the drink, a hydrometer for alcohol or in people, the alcoholometer. This device is immersed in the alcohol-containing liquid, and shows the concentration of the contained alcohol. Or, more simply, the percentage of alcohol. This device has several types operating in different modes and with different liquids. For example, venomer determines not only the fortress wine beverage, but the amount of sugar in it.
Domestic wineries and hydrometers are good for home use - the first is a snapshot of the mercury scale, the second is indispensable in the measurement of small volumes. Optical alcoholometer has a high accuracy in the measurements of a multicomponent alcohol-containing liquids, whereas e-and all the above devices are only good for alcohol or water-alcohol solutions. The alcoholometer and laboratory used in the manufacture of, for measuring the amount of alcohol in various funds for household needs.
Hydrometer for alcohol is an extremely fragile device, so requires careful handling. During shaking, and some other mechanical stress, the device can give inaccurate readings, as well as the most common spirometry mercury scale, their damage may cause leakage of "liquid silver" and poisoning. immediately before use, the instrument should be cleaned from stains and other dirt, and wipe dry. Immerse the alcoholometer, preferably in the middle of the vessel with the medium to be measured, without touching its walls. For the most accurate readings of the temperature of the liquid should be 18-20 degrees. Electronic alcoholometer almost immediately give figures on mercury must wait for when the mercury will take a stable position. Then at the markings on the scale will determine the number of degrees or strength of the drink.
Method two: obvious

Each country has their own form of notation strongholds produced in her alcoholic beverages. Some, for example, believe that taste and aromatic bouquet is much brighter draws the properties of the drink, and numerical designation of a fortress does not exist. In our country regulations are less democratic: as a rule, alcoholic containers in the calculation of the weight percent of alcohol specified number of degrees, when calculating the volume of alcohol is its percentage relative to the total composition of the drink. Usually present both of these options. So to determine the strength of the drink is sufficient to study its packaging.
Method three: modern

The effectiveness of the alcoholometer alcoholic mixtures reduced to almost zero, and because the strength of the cocktails is not specified-neither in the menu nor on the glasses, we have about it can only guess based fortress cocktail components. However, to solve this problem you can use an online calculator fortress of alcoholic cocktail. Choosing the right ingredients, putting their volume, you can get the amount of alcohol ( % of volume) in the mixture.
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