You will need
  • - flashlight:
  • - camera.
Watch out for the baby. Usually in children with strabismus, wandering eye, they RUB the eyes, awkward bow my head to the side. In addition, it is difficult to focus the mind on a specific object.
Shine a flashlight into the child's eyes. If the reflection in both eyes is the same – no disorder. If the reflection is different, so the kid has strabismus. Sometimes the disorder help to identify photos of your child taken with a flash.
For an accurate diagnosis visit your ophthalmologist. The doctor will determine which of the two main types of strabismus suffering baby. In convergent strabismus, one eye or both eyes looking inwards. For divergent characteristically different direction in one or both eyes.
The development of strabismus occur in the first months of life. However, many children immediately after birth wandering eyes. Because eye muscles are still weak newborns, the opinion seems to be "floating". This is normal.
The sight of the baby, who is less than a month, sometimes squints when trying to focus on near objects. In addition, the impression of strabismus increases excess skin on the eyelids and a broad nose. It should be noted that this is a false impression. When the child grows up and the person will take a more definite shape, this phenomenon will disappear. If the baby is more than six months, and squint does not pass, consult your doctor.
Strengthen the health of the child from birth. Follow the vision. During diseases that weaken the muscular system of the eye and the body as a whole, do not let the child long to draw, zoom in and examine small objects. It can cause strabismus. It is also important to monitor the lighting. It should be bright enough. Effective treatment of this disorder depends on early identification of its causes.