Felling ticket

The procedure for removal of green plantations in settlements is determined by the regulation approved by the Federal law on land use and local laws. As the permission to cutting down of the Executive public authority, such as city beautification Committee, issue a special document, known as the felling ticket.

This document specifies a number of shrubs and trees, subject to felling, the name of their species, the size of the barrel and the area of the lawn that can be destroyed. In accordance with the law, the ticket is issued to legal entities or citizens, in whose interests is the cutting of trees. However, the applicant shall remit to the budget some funds that will go to the restoration plantings.
Felling trees without a felling ticket, shall entail administrative penalties in the form of a fine.

The ticket for cutting

Cutting down trees in the forests governed by the Forest code of the Russian Federation. For implementation of economic activities is issued to the logging ticket. It gives the user the right to harvest and export the wood and some other minor forest resources. Felling ticket can be obtained at the stage of preparatory works that are directly related to felling.

The basis for the issuance of a ticket for the logging of the forest will lease a certain area of the forest Fund. In some cases, such a basis may be a contract of uncompensated use of land or a concession agreement and a Protocol on the conduct of the respective forest auction.
In all cases, the decision on issuing of the document accepts the Executive authority, which is responsible for forestry. This may be a forestry or forestry.

The forest Manager gets a ticket every year and only conduct those activities specified in this contract. The mandatory condition is observance of deforestation and the boundaries of the area of the forest Fund, where allowed by such economic activity. Not required the felling ticket, if the forest is working on the cleaning of dry, impassable or dead wood.

Logging and wood tickets are in the form of warrant, which is approved by the Federal authorities, whose competence includes management of the Park or forest. These departments determine the procedure of accounting of permits, the rules of completing, storage and distribution to interested parties.