You will need
  • - rollers;
  • - small capacity;
  • a syringe;
  • lubricant;
  • - gasoline
  • dry cloth.
Roller skating wipe with a cloth every time after you've finished the ride. Bearings – the most capricious and require special care detail of the rollers. Do not allow them gets wet. Wipe the bearings with a dry cloth or tissue. To remove dust and sand from hard-to-reach places, slightly loosen wheel rollers or clean them with a vacuum cleaner.
If water gets into the bearings, inject in them a special vaudevillian. This solution can be purchased at many stores.
If the bearings are clogged with dirt, carefully clean them with gasoline. To do this, remove from the wheels of roller skates bearings, remove the old grease and disassemble the bearings. If they are not collapsible, remove the boot and grease. Rinse the bearings - it will put them into a jar of gasoline and mess with a wooden stick on the bottom, about five minutes. The wand must be made of wood. Note: wash one bearing and not all at once. After each bearing is thoroughly cleaned and dried, brush again with new grease and insert inside the wheel. Be careful: the bearing must be inserted inside the open side.
Do not forget to regularly lubricate the bearings with special grease or regular engine oil. To make them easier to grease, inject grease into the bearing using a syringe. Frequency of lubrication depends on the quality of lubricants and, of course, how often you ride.
After each ride clean the boots of the roller skates. To do this, use a regular Shoe brush or a cloth. But in any case do not apply to them Shoe cream.