Social networking is a fairly young kind of sites that for a few years managed to gain a huge popularity worldwide. They began the next step in the evolution of the Internet after search engines, forums and entertainment portals.

International social network


Founded in 2004 year, the social network Facebook today is the most popular in the world. It was more than a billion users. Facebook does not have a specific theme or specialization: it serves also for communication and to share news, search for friends and classmates, sharing images, videos and music. Registration and use of the social network free.


One of the youngest (established in 2011), but the most "habitable" of social networks. Has over 500 million members, holding the second place in the world ranking after Facebook. First and foremost, this popularity is due to the fact that Google services which is used around the world, especially without asking their users whether they want to register his new social network: the users were enabled in Google+ in semi-automatic mode. This ensured that the social network is the number of users, the activity of which, however, are much lower than the users of Facebook.


Popular worldwide service Twitter has gained popularity of users primarily because of its brevity. This social network is designed for instant short messages – a kind of analogue of the Telegraph in the Internet. It is convenient and practical: you can obtain a large number of concise, simply filed the information without having to read large amounts of text. Many tweets (as messages are called on Twitter) contain links to the detailed version of the news or publications, and the user can choose for himself what he read in detail and what to just flip through. By the way, Twitter, in its nature, is rarely used as the only social network – most users are also actively involved in other social networks.


The world's most popular business and professional networking. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is primarily focused on establishing business relations, search of employers, employees, investors and partners. LinkedIn profile – essentially the most current resume, specifying your experience, skills and education. There is also the opportunity to obtain and give guidance to the people with whom the profile owner was a business relationship. Basic network usage is free but there are paid premium accounts that offer the potential employer or the employee additional opportunities for professional and career growth.

Top 10 most popular social networks of the world

1. Facebook – the United States, 1.2 billion accounts
2. Google+ – USA, 540 million accounts
3. Twitter – United States, 500 million accounts
4. Sina Weibo – China, 500 million accounts
5. Classmates – Russia, 205 million accounts
6. Vkontakte – Russia, 200 million accounts
7. LinkedIn – United States, 187 million accounts
8. Badoo – UK, 181 million accounts
9. Tumblr – the United States, 110 million accounts
10. Tagged , the United States, 100 million accounts