The main function of the hood is to clean up the air in the kitchen room from the smell of food. While air pollution may see on the street or in the ventilation shaft. Some models of hoods pass air through the filter, and then bring him back into the room. In addition to air purification, the hood provides good illumination of the working area, namely the plate and the space around it. Moreover, properly selected nedplay filter can give the kitchen interior a special grandeur.

Types of kitchen hoods

Before you make a final choice in favor of a particular model, it is necessary to know what types of hoods exist today. All modern models are divided into three types, depending on its holder. They are:

- wall;
built - in furniture cabinets.

The models that are attached to the wall, can take the form of a visor or a fireplace. The first option is very popular among the population, as it is compact, which is very important for small kitchens.

Ceiling midplane filters are only installed in large kitchens, as their size does not allow to use when square footage is less than 15 square meters. If you choose the right ceiling extractor fan, also called "island", it will be the most striking element of a kitchen.

Recessed hoods are recognized as the most convenient, in this case, choosing a model, it is possible not to pay attention to its design, as it will still be hidden in a Cabinet.

What to look for when choosing range hoods in the kitchen

Choosing a range hood in the kitchen, you need to pay attention to its functionality, dimensions, and performance. Nadpochechnymi the filter must be wider than the cooktop. And than it will be wider, the better it will cope with its direct responsibilities. The width of the hood should exceed the width of plate is 30 cm.

The hood can hang more than 80 inches from the gas cookers and 70 cm from an electric. Otherwise, she will not be able to remove the smell in the kitchen. The performance is determined by how much air it can flow through itself in one hour. This figure is measured in cubic meters. Regardless of the type of drawing, choosing in the kitchen, you need to look for the highest possible performance, and it can achieve 900 cubic meters and the estimated.

It is best to choose a model that can work in two modes and multiple speeds which can be switched independently. In addition, you need to pay attention to those drawing that uses two low-power engine than one with high power. So you protect yourself from the strong noise of the device.

Good ventilation should be provided with decent lighting. To save on electricity, then your choice is to stop on models equipped with halogen bulbs, which also are loyal to the regular inclusions and shutdowns.