Advice 1: What spices are suitable for potatoes

Potatoes — most commonly found on tables vegetable. Of potatoes you can cook a huge variety of side dishes, salads, appetizers. In order to give a unique taste to each particular dish, you should carefully consider the choice of spices and seasonings.
What spices are suitable for potatoes

What spices are best suited to the dishes of potatoes

Various seasonings are not only able to give the dish a spicy flavor, but also to change the taste drastically. In addition to the traditional salt and pepper, there are a huge number of spices and other natural additives to the potatoes.

Wonderful flavor to the potatoes add garlic. Crushed through a press or diced garlic can be added to fried potatoes. And that boiled potatoes had a unique flavor — add chopped garlic in the pan for 5 minutes until cooked meals.
If you add garlic immediately after boiling water, the potatoes will not fall apart.

Great for potato dishes onions. It is used both when fighting and when roasting or cooking casseroles of potatoes. Green onions sprinkled on the finished dish.

Of spices a wonderful addition to potatoes will be turmeric, coriander, ginger, dill, Basil, oregano, thyme, Bay leaf.
Using your favorite spices, you can prepare various homemade potato chips.

Fresh chopped dill fill potato dishes a summer fragrance and greenery. While the dried twigs of this seasoning will add a touch of delicacy and refinement.

Lovers of spicy food will appreciate a variety of ground peppers: black, red, white. The best flavor happens when you use pepper. Grind it in a mill or mortar must be directly in the preparation of potato side dish. However, it is important to comply with the measure if you wish to pepper the dish stronger.

Leaves fresh Basil, oregano, marjoram, parsley and even mint will be a great addition to potato salad in the summer. Besides taste and aroma, they will fill the salad with a huge number of vitamins and minerals. And shredded Basil, added to mashed potatoes, not only change the colour of the finished dish, but will also make a very unusual taste familiar dishes.

Mint can be useful not only when making salads. Add a sprig of fresh mint in the pot in which you boiled potatoes, and you have an exquisite flavored sauce.

Preparing baked in a fat mesh of potato, use as a seasoning rosemary and paprika.

Ready seasoning

If you use in the process of cooking ready spices, which represent a mixture of salt and any spices, then pay attention to the composition.

Most often found on the label component such as monosodium glutamate, and various dyes and preservatives. If possible, try to consume only natural dried spices.

Advice 2: How to open a spice mill

In the sale you can often find pepper mills and salt and seasoning inside. They are considered disposable. But the temptation to use the mill for re-seasoning is great. In this article, we describe a generic way to do it.
How to open a spice mill
Most of the mills for spices is made in the form of a glass jar with a plastic lid. It provides a plastic mechanism of the mill. Remove the cover in the usual way by lifting with a knife or other sharp object is not obtained. In any case, no serious damage to the cover itself. Therefore, we will use a different, scientific way.
Coefficient of expansion when heated at the glass and plastic are different. So we will take a high Cup and pour into it boiling water. The plastic cover will lower the mill for spices in a Cup and wait a minute. Now cover without problems removed from the mill. Do not forget to use a potholder — it's hot!
To put back the cover too difficult. Put the pepper mill on a flat and steady surface such as a table. From top to wear on the jar lid. Not to break the fragile plastic, use wooden cutting Board. Press your hand on the Board, and it will put pressure on the lid. Watch that the cover was straight to the center of the Board. You can also use the book.
The mechanism of the mill for spices is disposable, so on my second batch of chili or other condiments it can work worse. More than three or four shifts content such mills can not tolerate.
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