Building a house with your own hands is always cheaper than all other options. The involvement of a team of builders or custom home the firm will require in most cases less financial cost than buying a finished house. Although the difference is insignificant enough to only consider it. Because the benefit is not only financial savings, but also many other factors you need to consider the timeframe within which it will be possible to enter into a new home, costs, time and effort, matching the house to your desires. Therefore it is impossible to say definitely that advantageous in each individual case need to weigh all the pros and cons and find the right decision.

Self-building a home

The main advantage of self-construction houses is that you have a much greater freedom in site selection and almost unlimited freedom in the choice of appearance, design, dimensions and layout of the house. Suitable sites with houses far less than empty. Often when you purchase the finished building with a plot you have to sacrifice something: either the location of the site or its landscape, or the architecture of the house. Choose the perfect place with the perfect cottage can be infinite, but only to find the plot is much simpler: takes into consideration only the location, dimensions and appearance.

Self-selection of the project, taking into account all your wishes and smallest details for each family member – also a huge plus when building a house. You can choose the right layout, number of rooms, number of floors, size of the premises, presence of a basement or attic, and more.

To find a finished house in which all the details would make you happy, it is very difficult, in any case, there will be something, than to have to accept.

Also you are free to purchase the materials, in interior and exterior decoration in their price. If you do not have enough money to specialists who are part of the work can be carried out independently. Building a house is more profitable financial not only because you need to invest less money but also because you can spend the budget in stages as it proceeds: first, to realise the amount, then save and continue to build until the house is ready.

Another important advantage – a sense of pride in the construction of the house.

But self-construction there are drawbacks. Usually it is a long process that can take several years. Will also have to solve all problems: from the development or purchase of the project prior to the selection of performers. It becomes even more difficult if you take building a house for themselves or to play the role of foreman. Have to spend a lot of time and effort to build the cottage.

Buying a home

The main advantages of buying a home is fast and easy. You only need to have the necessary amount and to spend some time finding just the right cottage. It is possible to immediately assess all factors while building a house many things are changing, and the end result in advance is not exactly known.

But too demanding buyers will find it difficult to buy a house that will suit them in all respects. Also possible problems with registration of the sale transaction, although, when buying land, they are not excluded.