In biology and rasteniene such thing as "Wolfberry" does not exist, in fact it is a collective popular name of a number of berry bushes that are different toxic properties. These include:
- belladonna,
- Goji,
- Daphne
- crow eyes,
- buckthorn brittle,
- snowberry.

Looks like berry bushes, height up to 1.5 meters with a few leaves and round berries of a bright red hue, sometimes blue. The toxicology departments of hospitals you can often see photos of these plants, because they are a common cause of poisoning.


This is a very poisonous plant is found quite often in the forests of the middle band. All parts of it poisonous, and the berries and leaves contain a large concentration of toxic substances.
Many people call the berries even "wolf bark".

The berries have a pronounced spicy taste, so not even knowing that this is a dangerous berry, it is unlikely that people will be able to eat it in large quantities. Although, on the other hand, even 10 pieces can cause fatalities, it all depends on the human body.

Symptoms of poisoning appear quickly, they are as follows:
- vomiting,
- burning in the mouth,
- nausea,
- weakness and even loss of consciousness.

First aid for poisoning

The person eating the fruits of Daphne mezereum, it is necessary to give first aid. Usually do gastric lavage, using activated carbon or other sorbents remove toxins. Carried out in stationary conditions, the course of therapy, aimed at restoring the natural biochemical composition of the blood.

Skin lesions may be caused by contact with the leaves and bark of the wolf berries. In this case, the surface blisters, redness, quickly starts flaking.
Wash affected areas of skin will be the solution of potassium permanganate. Further treatment will be prescribed by the dermatologist.

Hazardous ingredients

If we consider the composition of wolf berries, the main ingredient there will be Mazarin. This substance is very toxic, causes irritation of mucous membranes and skin. Other components of wolf berries cause heavy bleeding, so in the villages sorceress gave a decoction of the berries women wishing to terminate a pregnancy... often with their lives.

The composition of some medicines Wolfberry is included as a helper in the treatment of renal, immune and nervous systems. But remember that for medicine, it is a series of treatments and lose their poisonous properties.