You will need
  • - knife for quenching;
  • - muffle oven;
  • the oil (antifreeze, automobile engine oil, testing);
  • - material for polishing, chrome-plating steel.
Preheat muffle furnace to a temperature of 1030-1050°C. once onepiece to reach the required temperature, soak it in the on position, the hour and turn off. The temperature in the furnace should be strictly up to 1100°C, or when the calcination will undergo an irreversible process of consolidation sorbitol steel structure. It becomes viscous and loses its impact properties.
Place the knife blade in the oven. You must first remove the handle, high temperature, almost 100% deform the material of the handle. Time for a high holiday of the blade is calculated as 10 minutes per 1 mm thickness. Visually determine the degree of calcination by the color of the blade. It needs to be the same as the color of the inside of the furnace.
Remove the blade from the furnace and vertically immerse it in a container of oil, slightly ' s along the blade to the profile of the blade does not lead from excessive pressure on the soft hot steel.
Having waited until the steel temperature falls to 300°C (bluish color on the steel surface), place the blade in the muffle furnace, the pre-exposed temperature of 200-300°C. the Process low vacation should last 3-4 hours.
Remove the blade from the furnace, if necessary, send it, let it cool in a natural environment outdoors.
Polish, othererwise, sharpen the blade, attach it to the handle.