The issue of security of information on your hard diske forces developers to think about data storage to the smallest detail. However, in conditions of real operation of your device, all their tricks do not help.

Why spoil sector

The principle of operation of a mechanical hard drive is very simple. There are several round magnetic plates. By him "run" the read head and looking for the right information. When the mechanism of the hard disk is subjected to vibration or sharp blows on the surface of the disk can occur microscopic scratches. This leads to damage of sectors and loss of data, programs, books, music or movies.
How would you not carefully exploited the PC hard disk can still appear bad sectors.

If the Winchester has worked for several years may disrupt its integrity. Any ingested dust is a potential cause of bad sectors.

Add to this the power surges, abrupt shutdown of PC and simply improper use of the computer and of the reasons for the destruction of information will be much more.

Is there a way out

If there are bad sectors, do not immediately panic and quickly change the hardware. There are ways, or mark problem areas so that they do not cause problems. Either fix the damage with the help of some special programs.
When there are bad sectors, there are two ways you can use your private software or third-party.

The simplest thing you can do is run a surface scan of the drives. To do this, right click on the failed logical partition, choose "Properties" then "tools" and "validate", tick "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". The system will scan the disc, find the error and either return the sector to a working state, or will mark them as failed to read head passed them by and did not create "brakes" in the work.

For more advanced users, you can recommend the program HDD Regenerator. It works on a physical level and helps to cope with the problem where a standard disk check is useless. The regenerator conducts in-depth work and in most cases, the sector returns to a normal state. You will not lose data and will considerably increase the service life of the hard drive.

There are many other programs even such, to understand which only real "hackers" or people with experience. However, in most cases, the two above-described products. They are time tested and have helped in many difficult cases.