Dishes with fresh sour apples

Add apples with a sour taste gives special flavor of dishes of pork, chicken (or other poultry). Good idea to cook them with duck, such as poultry meat impregnated with the scent of apples, which are usually put inside the carcass and baked.

Not everyone likes the dishes from the liver, but it is very tasty if it is done with sour apples. The liver is better to soak it in milk for about an hour. Then cut into pieces and fry. The next step is to cut sour apples, remove the seeds and fry the apples in butter, to postpone, then in the same oil fry the onions, sliced rings. On a platter arrange the liver on top of onions, and onions on top of apples.
Sour apples can be soaked. For this you need to wash them first, then pour the spices and pour the brine from water, salt and sugar.
Salt and sugar should be taken in equal proportions.

Salad recipes with sour apples

Apples are added to many salads, which are a major component of vegetables, meat, or gifts of the ocean.

Boil the beets, grate it and 1 sour Apple on a coarse grater, add a little peremolotyh or crushed nuts. Mayonnaise. You can replace the grated Apple and mayonnaise vegetable oil and vinegar from sour apples.

Grate fresh carrots on a fine grater, radish and sour Apple on a coarse grater, salt and sour cream.

Finely chop the boiled chicken breast, celery, 1-2 sour Apple, pickled gherkins or capers, mayonnaise. The chicken can be replaced with ham.
Grated sour Apple will make a spicy salad type "Olivier".

Cakes and billets from the sour apples

Wash and slice sour apples, remove the seeds, folded in a large pot, cover with sugar rate of 300 g sugar per 1 kg of apples. Put on the stove, bring to boil, cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Spread quickly in dry sterilized banks, roll up sterile lids and turn upside down. Billet is like jam or add to hot dishes – meat, poultry – as you like.
Sour apples are good to dry for the winter, then turn them into compotes or just have.

Sour apples quickly cooked pie, you can bake him even before the arrival of guests, if all products are available at home.

The Recipe For "Charlotte"


- 0,5 kg of apples;
- 3 medium eggs;
- ¾ Cup sugar and ¼ Cup of sugar to apples;
- cinnamon;
- ¾ Cup of flour.
- pan diameter 25 cm

Grease the bottom of pan and sides with oil, sprinkle flour (or ground crackers). Wash the apples, peel the skin and remove seeds, cut into thin slices and place on the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Beat with a mixer eggs with sugar, add the sifted flour and
gently to mix. The resulting liquid biscuit dough pour in the apples so that they were all covered with dough.

Put into a hot oven. Five minutes to slightly reduce the temperature. Baked "Apple pie" for twenty minutes. The dish is ready when the top turns pink and hips, then away from sides of pan.Then the pie must be removed, tilting the Board (apples are at the top). When cooled, you can put it on a beautiful dish, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.