Features sleep

Child under the age of one year is not a baby, he develops intellectual sphere, appear personality traits. However, from the point of view of physiology is still rapidly growing organism that consumes a large amount of energy, which can make sleep of sufficient duration and depth.

At this age already generated circadian rhythm of sleep and wakefulness, and children only in extreme cases confuse day and night. This usually happens because of the physiological discomfort of the child or due to any somatic disorders. However, as in infancy, a year-old child continues to be sensitive to any external discomfort, his sleep may be intermittent. To avoid this, mothers should take care of a dry diaper for the baby (as a rule, this is still such a need, especially at night), feed, but not overfeed, the baby, ventilate the room to prepare a convenient children's bed.
Better to go about their business after the baby fell into a deep sleep, and for this we need to look at whether relaxed facial muscles relaxed and do Cams.

How much sleep a one year old child?

The average age of a healthy child sleeping 12-14 hours. 1.5–3 hours is a dining dream. This is less than in infants, sleep which is 17-19 hours, but seriously higher than for toddlers period of life. Relatively high sleep duration of the employee's child due to its physiological characteristics.
The child's body continues to grow rapidly, accumulates the energy necessary for the proper development of the Central nervous system.

If under one year of age parents was important to form the daily mode of life, to eliminate confusion for them day and night, at one year of age is necessary to form a proper sleep mode. It is important to observe the same time going to sleep, both day and evening, to plan the hygiene, to establish a steady addiction to the ritual of bedtime reading fairy tales, dim light of a lamp, a favorite toy not only helps your baby fall asleep, but will form a proper habit.

Well-formed daily rhythm of sleep and wakefulness-year-old child is the most important means to ensure its health and proper development of the Central nervous system.