Often Senna also called Cassia aquifolium, don't confuse hay and medicinal Senna. You need to remember that Senna is often included in the composition of teas and other comprehensive means for weight loss. Natural laxative gives the effect in the form of an effective bowel cleansing, but fat with Senna leaf burn will fail.

Weight loss Senna leaves

To use Senna leaves for weight loss, you can use as the basis for herbal industrial production, tincture or extracts that are sold in pharmacies.
Often for weight loss prepare a decoction of Senna in combination with nettles, fresh parsley, dandelion.

In the use of Senna for weight loss, you must consider that the laxative effect may occur not at once. As a rule, should be consumed cooked potion and wait for the result at least six hours. While Senna does not affect the rate of metabolism, the metabolism. Although often on thematic Internet sites and forums, you can see that the leaves of Cassia block the body's absorption of carbohydrates and fats. This is not so, the food will still be absorbed, therefore, to achieve visible results it is necessary to reconsider the diet, not only to drink products based on Senna.

The nuances of the use of Senna for weight loss

The herb Senna is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women, contraindications apply to people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the presence of chronic constipation. Senna is better not to use for getting rid of excess weight with kidney diseases, liver diseases, cardiovascular system. Do not also too often to use Senna leaves, laxative harm can be addictive, leading to bulimia.
Depending on the type of diet a decoction of Senna drink after each meal in small portions or only at night. In any case, before using herbal remedies to consult with a specialist.

Senna is often used for weight loss in the form of infusions. To do this, take one tablespoon of chopped leaves and pour a glass of water, the resulting liquid must be boiled for five minutes on low heat. Then the broth should drain and leave overnight. To use a decoction of the leaves of Senna, you need two hours after a meal, preferably in the evening, and then nothing is there. Enough to start a third Cup, increase the dose gradually, watching the reaction of the body. The effect of weight loss, the feedback is already apparent on the third day after beginning the use of herbs.