You will need
  • - APTonCD или Ubuntu Customization Kit;
  • - Gentoo;
Full and self-build Linux-distribution is a sufficiently long period of time and is a complicated process, however, only in this case, it is possible to create the most suitable for the requirements of the system. Take all the necessary kernel source and the packages you want to connect, and in turn it all compile. At compile time you will have to edit some programs and libraries for themselves. Necessary excellent knowledge of system architecture and basic knowledge of programming languages, otherwise this build will fail.
To build your own, fully functional and configured for my personal use pack system will fit the Gentoo distribution. It comes without an installer and as source code. First connect the portage tree, and then make the appropriate adjustments, which are described on the official website in the section Handbook, and all other settings. Beginners this method is also not suitable.
To create your distro, you can use the accompanying programs, such as APTonCD or Ubuntu Customization Kit. Both tools process the boot disk or ISO image the existing system and is able to add or remove a certain package. All actions will run and a beginner, which is far from knowledge of the system architecture.
There are online services build the system. Go to the website of the designer and select the desired settings and packages, then you get the ISO boot disk, the weight of which is 30 megabytes. All packages dokatyvayutsya from the Internet during installation. For systems based on OpenSUSE there is a separate portal SUSE Studio, which is pretty fast, functional and comfortable.