Copywriting as an independent type of professional activity separated relatively recently, however, originated in such activity in conjunction with trade. The slogans and replica sellers can be called early copywriting. However, at present, working as a copywriter takes a new form and features.
In Russian language the word "copywriter" is a neologism and has no synonyms.

Where can I find a job copywriter

There are several exchanges of freelancers (, Weblancer and others), specialized stock of copywriting (Advego, eTXT, etc.), thematic portals, where you need copywriters, not to mention advertising agencies. Beginners, of course, difficult to take a lot of orders because of the lack of practical skills. So you need to be prepared for the fact that have a lot of time and effort to invest in yourself, in your knowledge and skills. You need to understand that the employer may review the material on the uniqueness of anti-plagiarism programs (Advego Plagiatus and others).

How much can you earn per month on copywriting

As with any alternative activities, earnings copywriting services 100% of the sum of the effort of the copywriter. Professionals with higher education, copywriters with years of experience or newbies to earn quite differently.
To earn a copywriter remotely. The result depends on the effort.

Earnings differ for several reasons. For some job seekers is a copywriting job, for others - the main activity, much also depends on the type of texts. For example, there are advertising, selling, and descriptive texts. Good SEO text or a slogan is much more descriptive articles, but require more time and experience appropriate. For example, the average cost of a text to 1000 characters without spaces good copywriter portfolio starts from 120-150 rubles.

However, most customers, sadly, expect to find a copywriter who will write quality text with a sold soul for $ 1. Such work usually come from beginners and copywriters who, for whatever reason, underestimate his strength, as well as those who urgently need to earn extra money.

It should be borne in mind that the copywriting hard work and responsibility are particularly welcome. A positive reputation increases the cost of the copywriter in the labour market. It turns out that some copywriters are able to earn from 30 000 rubles per month, while others prefer not spending a lot of effort, to within 5 000 - 10 000 rubles.

Based on the above, everyone decides for himself how much a month to earn. Writing talent combined with experience and hard work will allow each copywriter to do the writing articles, slogans their main activity with a decent monthly income.