Pour the rum on special glasses, the volume of which does not exceed 50 ml. is allowed to use wide glasses. It is important that the walls were not too thick. The glass is made to fill only one-third of the volume.
Warm Bacardi before you start tasting. It is for this reason necessary glasses made of thin glass. Usually just a few minutes to ensure that the rum had warmed up to an appropriate drinking temperature.
Do not drink the drink in one gulp. Before you take a SIP of rum, inhale its delicious aroma, let him slowly fill you with my noble elegance. Feel how the body poured pleasant languor. Once your sense of smell will be satisfied - proceed to the absorption of rum. Before each SIP, don't forget to inhale the fragrance. Then take some of the drink in your mouth and hold it there for several seconds, then swallow.
Can drink Bacardi, not only independently, but also with appetizers. The taste of rum goes perfectly with lean meats.
Drink Bacardi (if needed) juices or plain water. Most suitable orange and pineapple. Rum pairs perfectly with hot chocolate.

Fill with two shots of 30 ml of peach juice (each), then take a cocktail spoon or the knife put to the inner side of the stack and slowly pour 30 ml of Bacardi 151 so that it runs down the spoon (the knife). This is to ensure that the layers did not mix. Do the same with the second stack. In a cocktail glass pour 100 ml of cold Martini Asti, position it between the two stacks. Ignite Bacardi in both stacks. Dip in a glass of Martini Asti a straw and start drinking. Meanwhile, have an assistant pour in the same glass of flaming cocktails. Received triple the mixture is drunk to the rhythm of a drum played with two empty stacks. Drink cocktails on their own or together.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and 15 ml Coffee liqueur 15 ml Amaretto 15 ml Irish cream (Irish Cream) and 15 ml of Bacardi 151. Thoroughly mix the contents. Then strain the resulting drink into a pre-cooled stack. There is a second option prepare this cocktail pour all the ingredients using a cocktail spoon (a knife), so the drinks flowed along it in a pile. Thus, the layers do not mix. Ignite the cocktail and drink through a straw. We encourage you to drink fast before the drink is not too hot, otherwise you may get burns.

Pour in a stack of 15 ml of syrup "Green Apple", then hold to the wall of the stack cocktail spoon or knife and slowly pour upon it 15 ml of lime juice. Then in the same way, add 20 ml of Bacardi 151. Should be a three-layer drink. Set it on fire and quickly drink it through a straw to avoid.