Change requests

If it happened that for a long time you can't find a job, you need to initially consider their demands. This will be useful to write them all on a sheet of paper. Just check the ones that you think are unshakable. For example, you absolutely do not agree to move to another city. So, leave the item and not go back to him. And the schedule? Let's say you are looking for a job remotely. But, maybe you still will be able to come into the office a few days a week? Then it makes all the difference! Don't forget to make the appropriate edit in your summary. Or, say, expected salary. Think you may be satisfied with some smaller amount? Reduce their demands on wages and, it is likely that there will be few companies willing to hire you.

Carefully analyze and review all your suggestions and try to alleviate them.

The best education is self-education

But in case, if changing the queries brought no results, you need to pay attention to yourself. Your position is all too common and it is possible to take a dozen other candidates? You do not love your profession? Work for you is a daily drudgery, and you contrive to quickly run home? Then you definitely should think about changing activities. No, it does not have to get another degree. You can learn a profession by means of special courses, which usually last no more than two months. Moreover, today the Internet presents a huge number of different video tutorials and even online webinars that also will not be superfluous for those who have decided to learn something new.

If you've always wanted to create websites and finished culinary school – go to courses for web programmers wanted to sell the property at sea, and instead sell car spare parts – complete courses of oratory for the production of speech and go straight to the real estate Agency to prove that you are the one who will be able to sell; wanted to create elegant bouquets of flowers, and create reports in accounting for floristry courses. Don't be afraid to try something new, to find other opportunities, because, as they say, better to do and regret than not do and regret.

Believe me, it really is in your hands, and if you can not find a job in their profession, it is quite possible that the whole catch is that it's not your profession that you do not do their job and you probably need to change it.

Keep up with the times

And, of course, don't forget that life can change very quickly. Yesterday we lived in one, and today is completely different. If you can not find a job, look around and find something that is in demand these days. Learn how to write selling texts, to promote websites, work with social networks, record on video their own workshops, create a blog and earn on it, conduct a webinar and teach people what you know...

In our days there are plenty of opportunities to start to work and earn, and all you need is a little courage and a little bit of patience.