The animation is a cycle, a natural change of the staff that creates the illusion of moving images. Animation files can be stored in the GIF format and PNG. Often used first, since PNG is not always displayed correctly by the browser.
To create a simple animation, you will need a photo editor that supports this feature. The most famous among their peers, is Photoshop.
Select images, of which you are going to create the animation. There should be at least two. If you want to make animated text (the simplest form of animation), one is enough.
As an experiment, cut out with the tools in Photoshop a few frames of one symbol. The package of the latest version of the editor comes with a tool called ImageReady, the purpose of which is to work with PNG files. In it and need to do the animation.
Prepare the material, then in the work program, all your images and create a new canvas. Overlay image layers on top of each other in this new document. To do this, using the Selection tool cut out every document in the desired area and copy it to a new canvas.
Click the Edit in ImageReady button at the bottom of the toolbar. Your work accomplished without loss is imported into the tool. In the menu item "Window" (Window) select the function "Animation" (Animation). The bottom panel will open, which will reflect the created frames.
Place the pictures in the order in which to pass the cycle of the change animations. Clicking on each frame, turn off the layers that should not be visible at the moment of the animation. Set the display time of each frame in the context menu. Press Play to check the result. Save your animation in GIF format to your computer.